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California is home to a couple of hundred post-secondary institutes including public four-year colleges/universities, community and technical colleges as well as private academic institutes that offer academic programs, ranging from the associate to doctorate. The state also has a number of career and vocational schools as well. Many California colleges have high academic standards and an academically fostering environment, where students are provided with all the essential resources and facilities that enable them to develop personally as well as professionally.


Some universities in California operate advanced research facilities on their campuses while others are known for their range of student services including non-remedial tutoring, women's center, health service, campus safety and security services and financial aid. There are art museums, swimming facilities, and playing courts in numerous colleges in the state as well. California students can also be a part of hundreds of clubs and organizations and participate in several events and recreational opportunities including musical events, cinema, dance, theater, and exhibitions.

Financial Aid

California schools offer financial aid to eligible students. There are 2 main types of aids. These include gift aids such as grants and scholarships and self-help aids including student loans, work-study and part-time employment. Students mostly receive a combination of both types. Grants and scholarships awards do not have to be paid back while student loans must be repaid. Work study programs allow students to work on part time basis and earn money for their educational expenses.

Programs of Study

Colleges and universities in the state of California offer degrees as well as certificate programs in almost all concentrations. Engineering, physical sciences, computer and information sciences, biological and biomedical sciences, mathematics and statistics are some of the popular majors offered at these schools.

Online Schools in California

Students who seek an online education can find plenty of opportunities in California. Several colleges and universities offer online learning opportunities and allow students to earn a degree or certificate at their own pace from any location.

Students in the online programs do not simply watch lecture and tutorial-related videos, but instead take advantage of a vigorous online community where they can participate in group discussions, interacts with the students and instructors and enlighten their minds.

Classes are entirely managed online and students will have to complete readings, view lectures, and complete assignments. They can choose from hundreds of degrees including programs in accounting, acting, business, management, nursing, advertising, architecture, and the arts.

Career Colleges in California

Students who seek training in a particular field can enroll in the programs offered at the California career colleges. Career schools are also referred to as vocational schools. They offer a shorter training program and allow students to gain hands-on training in a particular area such as fashion, cosmetology, transportation, film and television makeup and special-effects makeup among other fields. Programs are also available in interior design, visual arts, and entertainment. The ones who are interested in traditional blue collar trades can also find a number of programs in California such as welding, allied health radiologic technology, and more. Students can enroll in the morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the job prospects after gaining degrees from accredited respiratory therapist schools in California?

A:After gaining degree from an Accredited Respiratory Therapist Schools in California you can find great career progression in the state, since California has the best healthcare facilities and a career prospect increase rate of 23% till 2014.

Q:While searching for top colleges in California I came across Art and Design Degrees. What are the future prospects of this degree?

A:The art & design degree programs are highly specialized and teach students about the basic dynamics of art and design. Almost every think or product available in the market needs to have a basic design, which is why the demand for such skilled professionals is on the rise. These professionals are taught to meet tight design deadlines and the implementation of it in real life as well.

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