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The second largest city of the state of California, San Diego is economically dependent on tourism, manufacturing, international trade and defense related functions. The region has emerged as a research hub for biotechnology owing its achievements to the educational system. San Diego is the ninth most educated city in US. There are numerous higher education Schools in San Diego that are accredited and recognized globally. These schools are offering Degree Programs in San Diego in Law and policy making, medical sciences, art and architecture, business administration, fashion designing, computers and technology and international relations among various others. Currently, approximately 50% of the population of San Diego, aging 25, at least holds a bachelor level degree.

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Q:What are the top Massage Therapy schools in San Diego?

A:As far as the question on what are the top Massage Therapy Schools in San Diego is concerned, we would definitely recommend Ashworth University. The university has a robust online program on Massage Training. This program has a total of 11 lessons that are subdivided into mini courses. You get to study the theory and basics of human anatomy as well as how the body works. Traditional as well as contemporary studies and oriental techniques are also included.

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