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Real Estate Schools in California

Bordered by Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon, California is recognized for its finance, health, education, and manufacturing industries. The state offers a range of training opportunities for students interested in different fields including real estate. There are a number of real estate schools in California that prepare individuals for this sector by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge. Career outlook for real estate agents and managers look positive in future, so pursuing an education in this area could be a career option.

California Real Estate School

Real estate studies may be suitable for individuals who seek careers that involve negotiating and interacting with people. A variety of programs are available in real estate that helps candidates prepare for careers in this field. Students in these programs learn how to sell, appraise, and manage commercial and residential properties. Completing real estate courses in California enable students to prepare for state broker licensing exams.

California real estate schools offer associate’s degree to certificates in real estate. Associate’s degree programs generally take two years to complete, and certificate courses last for six months to one year. But the exact duration of the program varies by the enrollment status of the students. In addition to traditional programs in real estate, some schools in California also offer the online learning options. Online education may be suitable for those who are already working as well as students who reside in remote locations and cannot regularly attend classes on a campus.

What courses will I study?

Ranging from basic business principles to accounting, classes in real estate instruct students in a number of areas and help them acquire communication, sales, and interpersonal skills. Some of the topics of study may include:

  • Business math
  • Management communications.
  • Real estate principles and practices
  • Legal aspects
  • Finance
  • Appraisal and escrow procedures

Some programs may also include courses in the history of California real estate, types of property, as well as property appraisal.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a real estate program in California, students should know:

  • Techniques and practices for property appraisal
  • Real estate financing
  • Legal issues management

Opportunities for Employment

According to O*Net OnLine, in 2012, there were about 26,100 real estate agents in California. Openings for these professionals are likely to grow between 2012 and 2022, O*Net OnLine noted. Opportunities for real estate managers and property managers are also expected to grow during the same timeline. Since people increasingly use real estate brokers and sales agents when purchasing homes, employment will spur as the real estate market improves, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes.

Real estate brokers and sales agents are generally self-employed. Others work in:

  • Brokerage offices
  • Leasing offices
  • Other real estate establishments


The median annual income of real estate and property managers in 2012 was $65,400 O*Net OnLine. Real estate agents, on the other hand, earned a median annual pay of $41,100 (O*Net OnLine).

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