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Teachers form the foundation of our education system and play an integral role at all levels of education ranging from kindergarten to doctoral degrees. Students interact with their teachers to learn at various sorts of educational institutions including schools, academies, colleges, universities and even online insitutes. The teaching techniques used by teachers depend on the type of school, study program, and the specific needs of their students. Most of these teaching methods are designed in light of the curriculum and regulated by the relevant educational authorities. Advancements in Internet technology over the past few years have also influenced the way teachers conduct their lessons.

Most people at some point in their life indulge in some sort of teaching, be it be on a private level of teaching one’s own kids or on a more professional level such as teaching at a school or the university level. Many people are of the opinion that everyone and anyone can be a teacher. However, this does not mean that anyone can just take up teaching as a profession. Like all other professions teaching also requires a certain level of academic and professional training. Trainings for teachers are more important than any other profession as teachers play a significant role in shaping our society.

Structure and duration of the degree program

A Certificate in Education Teaching is a one-year program with three courses which are usually taken one at a time. The 30 credit points can later be transferred to a diploma which is completed in another year.

With online teaching certificates you can help countless children get an education.
Online Teaching Certificates

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework of Certificate in Education Teaching is an introduction to classroom skills, teaching skills, classroom management, curriculum planning and class planning. The coursework also includes basic introduction to subjects like mathematics, general knowledge, American history and Western civilizations among others.

As online education programs continue to attract more students than ever, online teaching certificates and degree programs are also become popular among both students and professionals. Online teaching certificates are offered by many online universities, some of which are considered best in the educational sector of the United States. There are many different types of online teaching certificate programs that a student can now choose from. Some of the most popular ones are instructor certificates, teaching certificates, administration certificates and many others that are done by licensed teachers in the US. Whether you are a professional teacher looking to excel in some specialized area of teaching or looking for a career change, these easy to pursue online certifications in teaching are the best option that you have. By pursuing these online teaching certificates one can make a huge difference to ones career progression. Teaching is a profession that many also do as a side-on to their professions in other fields, so here too by taking online teaching certificate one can give a boost to this side-on and hence giving an overall boost to one’s credentials. These online teaching certificates are available at various levels such as bachelor’s, masters and PHD. Depending on the prior knowledge and certification one can choose from one of these different levels of online teaching certificates.

Not only do online teaching certificate holders enhance their current qualifications, they also make their career growth more promising. The career paths are varied ranging from school teachers to lecturers, professors, advisors, administrators or even online instructors as the enrollments in online teaching degrees are on the rise.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:In what different areas can you attain a certificate education degree?

A:A certificate program in education can be attained in a number of areas. The certificate program qualifies a student to teach as a professional teacher, and it also increases credibility as a professional. The areas that are offered for specialization include special education, elementary education, secondary education, high school education, adult education, and many more.

Q:What courses are studied in Online Teacher Certification programs?

A:Online teacher certification programs are designed to prepare students to become effective teachers in the field of education. The program curriculum includes essential courses that equip students with skills and teaching techniques that the occupation demands. Major courses studied throughout the one year program include American education, psychology of teaching, reading in content areas, secondary teaching, special learner teaching, technology usage, and program development.

Q:Can I get information about the best Online Teaching Certificate program?

A:The best teaching certificate programs are the ones that are offered by accredited universities, schools and colleges as the curriculum of accredited programs is designed to cover all important courses required to excel in this field. Some of the most sought after online teaching certificate programs include: Online Accelerated Teacher Certification (OATCERT) offered by Saint Joseph's University, Endorsement Prep. Program in ELL (PK-12) offered by Western Governors University and Online Teaching (Post-Doc. Cert.) offered by Walden University Online.

Q:What areas do students study in a combined educational technology teaching certificate?

A:An educational technology certificate is a degree program that trains students to use technology effectively in teaching settings. There are a number of courses included in the degree program, important ones include: computer based technology in classrooms, teaching in online and hybrid environment, issues and trends in educational technology, multimedia and interactive technology, and creating meaningful learning and technology.

Q:What degrees can I go for after a certificate in education?

A:A certificate in education is the most basic level of education in the field of education but it puts you on the path to a large number of higher education degrees. You could enroll in a 2 year Associate's degree program or even a 3-4 Bachelor's degree program in the field of education.

Q:What is the duration of the Certificate in Education online?

A:The Certificate in Education Teaching is a one year program in general. It offers introductory knowledge and skills about teaching education and allows students to enter the workforce at the quickest. The certificate in education teaching can also be pursued online from the ease of home. The online programs are self-paced and hence cannot have a specified duration. Students pursuing online programs can take as much time as they see fit to complete the degree.

Q:Why should I opt for the Certificate of Education Teaching online?

A:Pursuing the Certificate of Education Teaching online will allow you to take up a full time job during the day. You can work as well as continue with further education after office timings from the ease of home. Students are allowed to make their own schedules and study as much as they can absorb at a time other than rushing through it. At the same time, the online Certificate of Education Teaching will save your commuting time and costs.

Q:Which is the shortest way to complete the Certificate in Education Teaching?

A:The Certificate in Education Teaching can be completed in the shortest time span in the online program. Since the online degrees are self-paced, students can complete the degree in as much time as they see fit. Hence, you can complete the Certificate in Education Teaching in less than a year's time. Pursing the program in the regular track will not allow you to complete it before one year.

Q:Online teaching certificate 1 year program mentioned ETS. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:ETS would be mentioned when searching for online teaching certificate 1 year program. Educational Testing Service is an organization that administers educational testing and assessments. It is a nonprofit organization and is responsible for conducting and administering tests for the qualification of certified teachers. It has over 9,000 locations worldwide and operates in more than 180 countries.

Q:What does a certificate in education allows you to work as?

A:The Certificate in Education allows students to work in beginner level positions at any educational institute such as school, university, academy, montessori, tuition centers, research centers, day care centers, and many more. Students can work in administration section as well as become teaching associates. The certificate allows students to enter the workforce quickly.

Q:While searching on best ranked online Teaching certificate universities, I came across online teaching certificate program. Can you brief me on the course work?

A:It is common to come across online Teaching certificate program while searching on best ranked online teaching certificate universities. The courses you will get to study in this program include, assessment of young learners, multi-media instructional design, professional studies instructions, fundamentals of special education, typical & atypical develop EC, literacy and content skill development and expressive arts.

Q:What will I learn in a teaching certificate program?

A:Teaching certificate programs are a great way to boost a teaching career and enhance income potential. The program covers a wide range of concepts that update students about teaching methodologies and principles. A certificate program reflects one's level of expertise in a specific field of study, job task, or occupation.

Q:I am already working as primary school teacher. Will a certificate of teaching help take my career to the next level?

A:Yes, a certificate of teaching will increase your skill set and knowledge, and qualify you for better teaching jobs and higher income level. Certifications are becoming very popular nowadays in all academic fields. These are short courses that are career oriented and are designed to certify individuals in a specific professional field.

Q:How long does it take to complete an online criminology degree?

A:A criminology degree program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice field and the scientific study of criminals. The duration of the program will depend upon which level of degree you are pursuing. An associate degree in criminology will usually take 2 years to complete whereas a bachelor degree will take 4 years to complete. A masters degree in criminology will take 2 years to complete. However, if you pursue the program online, you can select a shorter time span. Many online schools offer online accelerated degree programs, enabling students to study at their own pace and earn the degree in a shorter time period. It is important to remember that the duration of the program will ultimately depend on which school you enroll in.

Q:Can you tell me about online teaching certification?

A:A teaching certification is a designation earned by a teaching professional that reflects his or her expertise in the field. Earning such certifications can help one move ahead in their career and qualify for advanced positions. The requirements for teaching certifications vary from state to state, and are usually issued by the education board or a professional organization in a state. For example, The Florida Department of Education offers educator certifications to individuals who fulfill the basic requirements. These requirements may include completion of a bachelor degree, passing a certification test, completing an English language course, etc. (Source: The Florida Department of Education)

Q:How can we enroll in online teaching certification?

A:A number of credentialing organizations and schools are offering online teaching certification classes. In some states, it is mandatory to enroll in a state sponsored training program for a teaching certification. The enrollment criteria will vary from state to state and may also depend upon the institute. Generally, applicants will be required to submit a copy of their high school diploma, a transcript of an associate or bachelor degree, meet the minimum CGPA requirement, and also provide a letter of recommendation. A personal computer/laptop and a reliable internet connection will be required to study an online course.

Q:Will the online teaching certificate cost less than an on campus degree?

A:Online degrees or certificate programs are generally considered less costly than on-campus degrees. Cost benefit is not only in terms of tuition fees, but also in terms of commute cost saved. Students do not have to worry about textbook costs. In addition to that, some online programs charge on a course-to-course basis instead of semester fees. You can save a lot in this manner and you can manage your time schedule as per your needs. So before finalizing your program, make sure you compare costs and make a well-informed decision.

Q:Will I be able to join online teaching certificate after high school?

A:There are a number of institutions and credentialing organizations that are offering certifications in the field of education. You can also opt for classes online. The entry requirements are likely to vary from place to place and will depend upon the state. Some certificate programs may require you to have a bachelor degree while others may only require a high school degree.

Q:What you can do withOnline Teaching Certificates?

A:With an online teaching certificate, you can seek a career as a teacher, assistant, or even an administrator. In most states, a bachelor degree is required to qualify for a teaching license. If you already have a bachelor degree in this field, further acquiring a certificate will improve career prospects. The income level will vary from state to state and will depend upon the level of teaching you pursue. For example, high school teachers made a median annual income of $55,050 and elementary school teachers made a median annual income of $53,090 in 2012 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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