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An online certificate allows you to demonstrate competency in a specific area through online study. An online certificate is a great choice for those who do not need a complete degree spanning several years to progress in their careers. An online certificate can often comprise as few as 3 courses and be completed in a year of part-time study.

What kind of certificates can I pursue?
You can complete a certificate of study in just about any field you want. Many people working in entry level jobs in specific industries realize that completing an online certificate will help them move up in their careers. Many others find that completing an online certificate is a quick and easy way of transitioning into a completely new career. 

For someone working as an automobile technician, an online certificate in a field such as electronics or information systems might allow the moving into a senior position requiring these skills. For people working in healthcare administration, an online certificate in medical coding would allow moving into that specific department which requires specialized skills. For people working in clerical positions in offices that focus on sales and marketing efforts, an online certificate in business administration might be enough to begin working as a sales professional. 

Many other people opt for an online certificate because they have the simple love of learning. Someone working full time may not want to take time off from his job to study a complete degree in history or literature. But an online certificate in a field such as Greek history might be satisfying. The requirements would be simple enough to be completed without too much effort and you have no obligation to take courses of little interest in other subjects. An online certificate is thus designed for people who are looking for a quick and convenient way to expand their knowledge in one area.

Why should I complete my certificate through online study?
Completing an online certificate gives you a lot of comfort and convenience. If you are already working full or part time, you may see benefit in continuing your studies alongside your work. This will allow you to retain the income from your job and also continue to accumulate valuable work experience. 

Many people find that an online certificate compliments their work experience nicely. When you are studying theory in class and applying it on your job, the concepts are reinforced and you find more value in your studies. 

An online certificate also means that you are exposed to a wide range of course options that may not be possible to obtain at your local college or university. Since an online certificate can be completed from home, you can consider certificates offered by many different institutions. This increases the chance of you finding a certificate that fits your career goals. An online certificate from an accredited institution with a strong placement record could provide you a very strong career boost. The online certificate also represents a much lower risk and investment than other forms of study.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search on online certificate in computer took me to Binary Numbers and Subnetting course. What is it?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search such as online certificate. Binary Numbers and Subnetting course is one of the courses included in programs relevant to the field. In this course the students come across numbering systems used in computers.

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