Interactive Learning

Interactive learning is a very effective mode of learning which is based on the active involvement on the part of the learner. Interactive learning is a more modern mode of education compared to passive learning. It is widely used in both traditional colleges as well as the online schools. A number of techniques are used in this form of learning such as:

  • Group discussions
  • Lab experiments
  • Role plays
  • Elearning software

According to the experts, both passive and interactive learning methods should be used to educate learners.
Advantages of Interactive Learning

Be it online or campus based education, interactive learning has several benefits.

  • Compared to passive learning, interactive learning involves students more in the learning process. They are made to participate in the class rather than only listening.
  • Active participation of the learners is encouraged in this mode of learning. In turn it results in better understanding and comprehension of concepts which fulfills the objective of education.
  • As the students are made to participate in the interactive learning, their interest level is also retained in a more effective way.
  • Interactive learning provides realistic learning environment to the students. They are made to learn different ideas and concepts just as they would learn things in real life.

Interactive Learning Online
Online schools and colleges have opened new avenues for students and professionals to improve their knowledge in a convenient way. In the present times of cutthroat competition, a student or a professional cannot afford to lag behind. Particularly in the business world, there is dire need to continuously upgrade your knowledge in order to meet the growing challenges in order to stay ahead of others. Interactive learning tools in the online education plays a vital role in providing knowledge in realistic environment. There are programs which involve the participants and which makes it as effective as the classroom based studies.
Interactive Learning Modules
A number of tools and programs are used in the online interactive learning modules. These include audio visual aids other than some software programs which engage the learners. The use of all such interactive tools makes online learning considerably effective and useful. Some of the tools employed for interactive learning include:

  • Elearning software
  • Audios
  • Videos  
  • PowerPoint slides

Importance of Interactive Learning
Online interactive learning has a lot of importance in the present times. It is imperative to stay abreast with the fast changing business environment. Managers and entrepreneurs ought to gain knowledge and skills which can give them an edge over others. However, as going back to conventional schools and colleges in not all that possible while you are into work, online interactive learning has emerged as just the right solution. You can manage your work or business and obtain quality education online. Internet, a pool of unfathomable information, has become just the right source for gaining knowledge and skills needed for various professions. Thus by means of online interactive learning, you can abreast yourself with formal education required to excel in almost any area of interest.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Do the Nursing online programs also feature the briefing of Nursing Interactive learning tools?

A:The Online Nursing Programs do feature the top Nursing interactive learning tools. Feel free to contact with any queries.

Q:How does distance learning employ online interactive learning techniques?

A:Accredited online programs ensure that the learning experience remains an interactive one by employing techniques like video demonstrations, power point presentations, and discussions on forum boards. They also offer resources like e learning software, pre-class writings and online instructor evaluation. Online chats also work in a great way to open up further discussions and opinions.

Q:Can you tell me about the modules of online teaching and interactive learning?

A:A number of tools and programs are a part of online teaching and interactive learning. These include audio visual aids and software programs to keep the learners engaged. All these learning tools help online students to understand and retain information effectively. Some major interactive learning modules include E-learning software, audios, videos, and PowerPoint slides.

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