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A doctorate represents the highest level of academic achievement in research and training. It is often a must for those who seek careers in teaching at universities. The doctorate can also lead to lucrative careers in industry. The doctorate online is an excellent option for those interested in pursuing higher education without committing to spending several years on a campus.

What is the process of completing the doctorate online?

The doctorate online involves completing a substantial amount of coursework online. The quantity of courses you may need to take depend on your preparation coming into the doctorate program. People who are attempting to complete a doctorate in a field that varies significantly from their undergraduate degree may find that they need to devote more time to completing coursework.
After completing the coursework, the doctorate online involves the completion of a thesis. The thesis is not your typical writing assignment. It involves the investigation of a deep question in the field and the development of original research. A doctorate in the sciences may involve several years of laboratory work. A doctorate in the humanities or social sciences or humanities may involve field work, surveys and the review of archives. In each case, close collaboration with advisers and obtaining regular feedback is expected to refine the thesis and make it of publishable standard.

It is quite common for doctorate programs to require you to pass qualifying exams after completing your coursework. This serves as a gateway to entering the thesis writing stage. But it is often not possible to complete the qualifying examination phase when you are completing your doctorate online.

What is it like to complete the doctorate online?

You may find the doctorate online to be a rewarding experience. The doctorate online does not require you to follow a fixed schedule. You may wish to watch you class lectures at your own convenience. The doctorate online allows you to complete all your assignments online and submit them for grading.
The use of interactive tools allows online doctorates to arrange frequent feedback from your mentors and advisers. Many institutions are also able to offer electronic access to archives and other resources that can assist with your research. Some programs will have arrangements with physical campuses where you can conduct laboratory research.

What are my career options after completing the doctorate online?

The doctorate online sets you up for some great careers in teaching, research and industry. People who complete a doctorate online in very specific areas of science and technology may find that they are able to land rewarding jobs in government and private laboratories that are dealing with questions of basic and applied research. Those in the social sciences and humanities may be involved in developing policies in government and even the private sector.
Many people who complete the doctorate online are able to find lucrative opportunities through consulting, speaker engagements and book publishing.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What do I need to have in order to pursue a Doctorate online?

A:In order to pursue a Doctorate online, students are required to have a computer system with internet accessibility. In addition to this, students are also required to have an e mail address for correspondence, ample hard drive space for storage and appropriate software to play videos for demonstrations. Furthermore, distance learning programs require a lot of self disciplines as these classes are not campus based.

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