Special Education Program

Special Education Programs are provided through the public schooling system. Public schools are obligated to offer these programs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Special Education Programs are targeted at students with documented learning disabilities. These students are provided with individual learning programs that attempt to circumvent their disabilities.

What kind of learning disabilities do students encounter?

Most learning disabilities have a neurological basis. Such students have a limited capacity to process and absorb new information and this handicaps them in a typical classroom environment. 
There is evidence that genetics play a role in triggering learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities generally demonstrate the shortcoming very early in their lives. They may struggle with learning to count, read and write. While many of these students are actually quite gifted in some areas, they may be handicapped in particular faculties critical to the learning process. 

How are special education programs structured?

Special education programs are very different from typical classroom programs. Standard classroom programs are standardized and all students are taught with the same tools and media. In special education programs, each student will have different needs and face different handicaps. 

This problem is tackled through a system known as Specially Designed Instruction or SDI for short. SDI is a fairly complex system. The instructor works with the parents of the child to tailor a program of learning to the individual needs of the child. Both of these groups also devise measures of the child’s performance and agree upon mutually acceptable goals.

Who are the instructors in special education programs?

The instructors in special education programs are specially qualified for the job. Each state has different laws on the credentials required by instructors in special education programs. These instructors get licenses based on relevant examinations they clear. In preparation for these exams, the instructors are expected to complete the needed coursework. This coursework focuses on the different aspects of teaching in special education programs and requires the grasping of the fundamentals of psychology and learning behavior. The coursework often involves significant practical training and role playing to help the instructors become comfortable with unfamiliar situations. While no training program can account for all the scenarios a teacher in a special education program may encounter, the coursework is structured to develop teacher confidence in dealing with the most common circumstances.

Can instructor training for special education programs be completed online?

Given the high demand for qualified and certified instructors for special education programs, it is no surprise that online programs have been developed to accommodate busy and working people. Many people with a passion for education may decide they want to dedicate themselves to teaching in special education programs. But it is not always convenient to enroll in a conventional full-time program.

For such people, online programs are the answer. These programs allow you to follow lectures and complete coursework at your own convenience. Many online programs are able to offer a wide range of electives in an economical fashion. Online programs also make liberal use of technology. Rich media is used to deliver lectures and allow the completion of tutorials and exercises. Many programs will also offer practice for completing the examinations needed to become a certified instructor for special education programs.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How can I get enrolled in a special education program?

A:In order to pursue higher education in the specialization of Special Education, students can get enrolled in an institute offering the degree. Applicants can select an online institute or choose a campus-based institute. Applicants must have completed their high school diplomas and apply to the respective institutes before the mentioned deadline. Students might be asked to produce a set of letters of recommendations for admission purposes.

Q:What are accelerated online special education degree programs?

A:Accelerated special education degrees are programs designed to help students prepare for teaching careers. Accelerated programs typically have a shorter duration as compared to regular degree programs. You can complete the degree in a short time period and join the professional field. Take a look at our page for more information.

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