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PhD Degree 
PhD is an abbreviation for Doctor of philosophy and one of the most advanced degrees that is awarded by universities and colleges across the world. The prerequisite for enrolling in any PhD program is a Masters degree in a relevant field. The detailed requirements for awarding a PhD degree varies from University to University. However, extensive coursework and research are the main focuses during a PhD program. Students who enroll in a PhD program are guided by professors who have already completed their PhD degree. 

Types of PhD programs
PhD programs were specific to universities and colleges across America. Students had to be enrolled at that particular University and spend ample time at the university labs and research centers. Extensive interaction was required for the professor and his students to successfully complete the PhD program. As compared to an undergrad degree, where hundreds of students enrolled in one single class, a PhD program has only a couple of students enrolled. The professor spends more time assisting the student and specific coursework and research. Many of times, research grants and corporations contribute the finances for research.

Over the last decade, universities and colleges have started enhancing their programs to cater to the needs and demands of the online community. PhD programs have now been extended to the online market. As compared to PhD programs that are specific to the college premises, online PhD programs are limited in number. Nonetheless, students who enroll in online PhD programs have to still go through the dedication and hard work required to complete a PhD program as if they were physically present at the university or college. Technology has facilitated the communication between the professor and the PhD student enabling them to complete the PhD coursework at their own time and convenience. Typically, the following PhD programs are available online:
* D.B.A. - Doctor of Business Administration
* D.Hum. - Doctor of Humanities
* D.P.A. - Doctor of Public Administration
* Ed.D. - Doctor of Education
* Eng.D. - Doctor of Engineering
* Psy.D. - Doctor of Psychology

Financial Aid
the federal government treats distant learners and traditional students equally when considering eligibility for financial aid. Students enrolled in any accredited college and university can apply for any type of financial aid. Perkins loans, Stafford loans, grants, fellowships, scholarships and research stipends are all available for online PhD students.

Cost of an online PhD program
online doctoral programs typically cost the same per credit hour as the regular doctoral programs held at that university. Online PhD programs saves the money associated with transportation, childcare, residential expenses and other miscellaneous expenses associated with living on campus. 

How many years does it take to successfully complete the PhD program online?
Since the inception of the PhD program in the academic world, these programs run between 4 to 10 years of continuous study, research, dissertation and internships. Depending upon the major and specialization, PhD programs can also be completed within 4 to 5 years.

Benefits of an online PhD program
The major benefit of an online PhD program is the wealth of knowledge that is achieved. That in itself is a reward for students interested in learning a new field of study or enhancing their educational stance on a subject. Secondly, students who complete their PhD programs find themselves a very successful and financially reporting teaching or research career. PhD programs builds professors and research scientists for this nation.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any PhD programs online?

A:Yes. PhD programs online are offered by many universities listed at our website.

Q:How long is the Online PhD Program?

A:The Online PhD program is for 2 to 5 years, generally. However, since its an online degree program, the candidates can take as much time as they require for completion.

Q:How many credits are there in the online PhD in Marketing?

A:The online PhD in marketing has 54 to 130 credits.

Q:What are the prerequisites for an online PhD in Higher Education qualification?

A:Students applying for an online PhD in Higher Education are required to have a master's degree from an accredited institution. Doctoral students must be focused and able to work on detailed projects for extended periods of time. Online doctoral courses allow students to work at their own convenience, which gives them the opportunity to thoroughly research their chosen subject,

Q:My search regarding PhD Education led me to Organization and Administration of Schools course. Can you tell me about it?

A:You will get to study a number of courses if you opt for PhD Education program. Organization and Administration of Schools is a topic that you will come across. In this course the students will get to study in detail about the process of administration and organization within an educational institute.

Q:What are the classes like in online doctoral programs?

A:Online doctoral degrees are the highest form of education one can pursue in any academic field. This program is research based and advanced. If you enroll in an online doctoral degree, the coursework is covered through videos, online lectures, classroom conferencing, and one on one conferencing. This mode of learning has become the new trend in education due to many benefits.

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