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Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree
Whether you aspire to move into an administrative position or wish to pick a new career path, an online master’s degree program can prepare you for a wide variety of jobs. These programs serve as cornerstones for advanced degrees such M. Phil and PhD and are also ideal for students who want to specialize in a particular branch of their field. Master of Science and Master of Arts are the two most commonly pursued master’s degrees. There are even a number of specialized degree programs such as Master of Public Administration and Master of Business Administration. Universities and colleges usually complement the coursework with some research, which can provide a solid foundation for higher degrees that require rigorous research work. A master’s degree also ensures higher salaries and better job security compared to professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree.

Admission Criteria and Degree Requirements
All master’s programs in the US require students to have a bachelor’s degree. Students must also submit their GRE or GMAT scores along with their academic transcripts at the time of admission. Most educational institutes ask students to write an essay or statement of purpose which is taken into consideration while evaluating the candidates. There are even a few degrees such as some Masters in Business Administration programs that require candidates to have a few years of professional experience. Foreign students are often required to clear the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to prove their competency and fluency in English. Letters of recommendation also contribute significantly towards securing admission in a university.
 A master’s degree can usually be earned in two to three years, but some universities allow students to complete their master’s program in just one year. Students must maintain a certain grade point average throughout the academic program. Universities also require students to pass some core courses and earn a specified number of units or credits in order to graduate. A number of doctoral programs that can be pursued directly after completing the bachelor’s degree allow students to earn a master’s degree along the way. You must also make sure that the online master’s degree program you plan on joining is properly accredited as unaccredited programs may hold no value in the job market.  
Benefits of Joining an Online Masters Degree Program
These programs are ideal for people who wish to study without having to compromise their existing work routine. In addition to offering convenience and flexibility in terms of schedule, online masters degree programs also give students the freedom to study at their own pace. A number of scholarships, grants, and funds are available for almost all sorts of online master’s degrees. Online programs are usually more affordable compared to traditional on-campus degree programs. Many prestigious universities and colleges have now stepped into the Internet based education arena with various online and distance learning programs. Many of these educational institutions even offer free reading material and multimedia files that students can easy download from the website.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the prerequisites to apply to the online masters program?

A:Online masters programs require you to have a Bachelor's degree in a related field from an accredited institution. Often master's programs also demand a minimum grade point average to qualify for admission into the Masters degree. A small amount of practical work experience is at times required to be able to pursue the Master's degree. Some schools also demand GMAT. The admission prerequisites differ from institute to institute.

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