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Doctoral programs are designed to prepare experts in a particular field, whether that field be accounting or French literature. The emphasis in doctoral programs is in extensive literature reviews, original research and exposure to the world of teaching and presentations. Doctoral programs require substantial commitment in terms of time and resources with some students taking several years before the doctorate is conferred. Decisions about whether to enroll in doctoral programs must thus be made extremely carefully with a clear understanding as to why you want to complete the doctoral program.

What will I learn in doctoral programs?

Doctoral programs start with a series of coursework. Often students spend up to two years taking courses in their areas of interest to study content and get ideas relevant to the thesis they will later write. The coursework component of doctoral programs is also completed by students who already have a master’s degree.
The coursework in doctoral programs is very different from what you might have completed in your undergraduate studies. Instead of weekly problem sets and papers, you are now delving much broader into certain areas. Your coursework generally comprises of projects including final presentations to be shared with your peers.

You generally have to pass qualifying examinations in doctoral programs before you move into the thesis stage. These qualifying exams are evidence that you have a grasp of the subject content you need to produce your thesis.  
Once you are at the thesis stage of doctoral programs, you need to define a research topic. Then depending on the discipline, you may have several years of laboratory work, field research or library study. Your final thesis needs to be compiled and defended in front of a faculty committee. At that point in doctoral programs your doctorate is conferred.

What is it like to complete doctoral programs online?

Online doctoral programs are definitely somewhat rarer than other online degrees. It is not easy to complete relevant coursework and research through an online format. But for the few schools that are able to offer online doctoral degrees, you will find that the extra flexibility of an online program is an advantage. Maybe you don’t want to devote years of your life to full-time studies but would be willing to complete doctoral programs if you could work at the same time and continue to receive an income. For such people, online doctoral programs make a lot of sense.

What job opportunities will I get after completing online doctoral programs?

Doctoral programs primarily prepare you to teach and conduct research both in universities as well as the public and private sector. Some people find that their background in research and analysis is ideal for jobs in banking and management consulting that require people with a research bent.
Others are primarily interested in teaching and may land positions at the university, college or high school level.
Many people who complete doctoral programs find that their most lucrative opportunities come from writing books or providing consulting services in their area of expertise.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the main concept of accelerated doctoral programs?

A:Accelerated doctoral programs are geared towards providing students an opportunity to complete their PhD program in a quicker and more intense manner. Students can enroll in any subject of their choice and earn their degree faster, depending upon the fact that they are successfully able to meet all the requirements of their program.

Q:What is the benefit of accredited online doctoral programs?

A:Properly accredited online degree programs offer numerous benefits to their students. PhD students in accredited programs can be confident that they will receive quality instruction from qualified faculty and have access to good educational resources to become successful graduates and be recognized by potential employers. Moreover, when leaving a PhD program that has proper accreditation, PhD graduates can be quite confident in the knowledge that they will be eligible for professional licensing in their field

Q:How do I enroll in the best online doctoral programs?

A:The admission criteria for doctoral degrees is likely to vary slightly from college to college. You must have a bachelor and masters degree to qualify for admission in doctoral programs. This level of education is the highest you can aim for in any academic field. Doctoral programs can lead to high paying careers at executive and leadership level.

Q:I want information about distance learning doctoral programs. What career prospects do they open?

A:Doctoral programs primarily prepare candidates for a teaching job and for conducting research both in private and public sectors. Some other jobs that would suit this profile include jobs in banking and management consulting with focus on research. Teaching can be done at university, college, or high school levels. People may write books or provide consulting services in their area of expertise as well.

Q:What is the usual curriculum structure of doctoral programs?

A:The curriculum of doctoral programs is composed of a series of coursework and then research thesis. Usually about two years are spent studying content and ideas related to the thesis eventually to be written. The coursework may also be required by those who already hold a master's degree. The coursework also includes projects and presentations.

Q:How are doctoral programs online different from those offered on campus?

A:The course curriculum and duration of doctoral programs offered online is usually the same as that offered by on campus doctoral programs. However, the mode of teaching is different. Doctoral programs offered online are taught through online tutoring and video conferencing instead of traditional class room lecturing. They can also be usually studied on flexible schedules and timings.

Q:What is the duration of online doctoral programs?

A:The duration of a doctorate degree can be anywhere from 5 to 7 years. This is the highest level of qualification you can aim for. The coursework is research based and advanced in nature. You will be required to complete the basic courses, conduct a research, and prepare a dissertation. The duration will depend upon the school you enroll in and your pace.

Q:Should I go for online doctorate programs since I am currently employed and cannot attend college?

A:Online doctoral programs are being offered by many renowned institutes. This mode of learning is suitable for those who are working and cannot take out the time for campus-based classes. In an online program, you can study according to your own free time and availability. This mode of learning is very flexible, cost-efficient, and convenient.

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