Purpose of Education

Given the slumping economy and difficulty of finding a job people are questioning the purpose of education more than ever. It is difficult to enter a good college and even more difficult to complete the degree. Tuition costs continue to spiral out of control. People fairly wonder if they are better off without higher education. At times like this we must remind ourselves of the financial and personal benefits of education.

Financial benefits of education 

Ultimately we all pursue higher education to expand our career opportunities and increase our lifetime earnings. A few decades ago, the United States was primarily a manufacturing concern. The demand was for laborers who repeated the same task over and over again. These blue collar jobs did not really require a college degree. Hence a high school diploma was sufficient to get people a satisfactory job.

But we have moved to an information based economy. Most jobs require a deeper skill set and a higher aptitude than can be developed in high school alone. Employers are looking for people with diverse qualitative and quantitative skills. They want people who can think outside the box, demonstrate managerial aptitude and show cultural sensitivity. All these skills will be developed in the kind of coursework and activities you will dabble in during college.

College is also a great opportunity to pursue specialized topics to a high level. This is particularly attractive to those who are interested in research and teaching which require advanced study. 

There are other ways in which education serves a financial benefit. One of the purposes of education is to learn how to socialize with people. College is a great chance to build your network. Many of your peers and instructors may help you in getting your first job. College is also a great chance to come into contact with the many recruiters who may be interested in hiring you. Many studies have confirmed that the lifetime earnings after studying in college exceed those of high school graduates. One of the primary purposes of education is thus expanded financial opportunities. 

Personal benefits of education 
This is not meant to imply that college is just a chance to increase your material wealth. The purpose of education at its heart has always been to make us more aware and conscientious human beings who can bring positive change in the world. In addition to teaching us morals and ethics, a fundamental purpose of education is to make us interesting people. College allows us to rub shoulders with leading scholars, eminent speakers and talented peers. The purpose of education is thus to allow you to dabble in exotic topics like medieval art and arcane literature at your heart's leisure. Never again will you get the intellectual excitement of pursuing a field just for the joy of learning something new. Those who use college to expand their intellectual horizons and become more confident writers and speakers truly understand the purpose of education. No one can put a price on this education since it's benefit is not tangible but the sense of self-fulfillment is priceless.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While reading about the purpose of education, there was mention of the course on Business Law. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Business Law while going through the article on Purpose of Education. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the principles of the business law that are applied to various contracts and the instruments of negotiations. Hands on experience is also given to the students in this course.

Q:Can you tell me about the purpose of online education?

A:Online education is one of the leading modes of acquiring education at post-secondary level. The main aim of online education is to help students earn higher education no matter where they are located. The key benefits of online education are low costs, no traveling required, self-paced coursework, and time flexibility.

Q:My search on what is the purpose of education led to the mention of a changing perspective of the purpose of education. Can you explain it in more detail?

A:Researchers and experts are realizing that the traditional purposes are no longer enough to deal with the challenges that are arising or will arise in near future. In this context, perhaps the most important purpose of education is to promote world peace by educating people about the importance of tolerance for diversity. The new focus of education is on developing and recognizing the value of life, trust and safety to bring international harmony and justice

Q:Has the purpose of education changed over time?

A:The purpose of education has always been the same to be more aware and knowledgeable and lead a better more fulfilling life. Over the years, its importance has only increased as the world is becoming more competitive. You need to have an understanding of the field you want to be in to excel in it. More and more degrees in different areas are being offered encouraging people.

Q:What is the purpose of online learning when there are so many popular campus based schools around?

A:Campus based institutions have always been a major part of educational infrastructure. However, in this technology-fueled society, online learning is gradually gaining popularity. This mode of learning has proved to be more accessible, convenient, flexible, and affordable for many. Those who are working or do not have time to take classes at a campus can still pursue higher education through online programs.

Q:Can you tell me the aim of education other than getting a good job?

A:The aim of education is not just acquiring a job or thriving in a career. Education goes beyond it, as it helps you acquire knowledge and skills that not only apply to your professional life but also to your personal life. With higher education, you can become skillful and add value not in your own life but others as well.

Q:What are the main purposes of education?

A:Education is necessary to achieve if one wants to purse a great career. Today's environment has become very competitive and fast. People with skills and knowledge are in high demand in all industries. Without education, one cannot expect to find a good job and cannot compete with educated professionals. Education also plays a key role in the development of a human being.

Q:What is the purpose of online schools and online education?

A:Online schools have been set up to allow students to study and pursue their academic goals without having to be physical present in a campus. This mode of education is more convenient, affordable, and effective. Students who are working full time and wish to study further can do so without having to compromise on either their job or education,.

Q:Is there any clear purpose of college education nowadays?

A:College education is a necessity in todays advanced economy. Since the job market is tough and competitive, only individuals with skill and education can succeed and make it to the top. It is important that students acquire higher education and prepare themselves for a chosen career. The importance of education cannot be denied.

Q:Is there a purpose of a college education?

A:Yes, education is the only way to can prepare for successful career ahead. Apart from this, education will help you develop intellectually. Whether you want to become a doctor, a teacher, or even an engineer, you need to have the right set of skills and plenty of knowledge. This can only be acquired through higher education.

Q:What is the purpose of online education if we already have well established campus based schools?

A:Online education is replacing traditional campus based education schools. In today's modern economy, many students must take up employment and find a way to juggle both studies and work. Time has also become a major constraint. Online education is a solution for all such issues as students can continue work, and study without compromising on either.

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