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The internet has become a hub of knowledge in everybody’s daily life. People are now using search engines for the most basic to the most exhaustive searches. Others are using it to pursue higher degrees, diplomas, and certifications through online educational programs. A wide variety of online learning resources are available on the Internet. 
Free Online Learning Resources 

The most frequently used free online learning resources are the search engines that enable people to find all sorts of information and learning material. Some of the popular search engines include Google, Yahoo and Bing. Other than that, many courses and diplomas may also be earned online for free. Of course, there is the risk of diploma mills, but numerous genuine and accredited degree programs can be found easily.
Some courses may offer part of the course for free and then you might have to pay for taking more advanced lessons. Find out before you start if that is the case. Some sites also offer free trials and if you find the trial coursework to be beneficial, then you can pay the fee and join the complete online course. 
Free online learning resources are particularly popular for learning different languages. Such courses include vocabulary lessons, pronunciation practice and grammar. These are great online learning resources for people who have just moved to a place with a language different than their native language and for people who want to pass tests like TOEFL and even obtain a GED certificate. 
These online learning resources may be offered for free to everybody, especially in online community colleges which are government funded, or by websites that earn through advertisements. Others may be offered for free or at reduced costs by providing financial aid to candidates who cannot pay the complete fee. 
Short Courses Online
Online learning resources may be in the form of formal online short courses. A large number of subjects are available for study over the internet. These are not free of cost but are generally cheaper than brick and mortar institutions, especially when costs of commuting and amenities are factored in. 
Among many more, some popular online short courses include:

  • Web designing
  • English language
  • Medical transcription
  • GRE Preparation Courses

Online Universities
A lot of universities have courses that they also offer online. Firmly established universities like Harvard and Stanford are now offering courses that can be taken online. Other universities might be completely virtual and offer online distance learning. 
These universities offer interfaces like Moodle to communicate lectures with their students. Since most of these resources are not live, the students have the flexibility to view and learn them when it suits them and at a pace they prefer. Online universities also have interactive forums and discussion boards where students can get together with their faculty and peers to discuss lectures and evaluate concepts.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents on Business Law in the online learning resources programs?

A:The Online Learning Resources programs have structured course on Business Law. This course is of around 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the basic level principles of the business law that are applied to various contracts and the negotiable instruments. Strong hands on experience is also provided to the students.

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