Graduate Distance Education

What is meant by graduate distance education?
Have you ever felt that you are held back from a due promotion just because of a mere stamp of a master’s degree. To top it all, your finances don’t allow you to quit your job and pursue further education. The answer to your problem lies in pursuing a graduate distance education. The distance education master degree is your shortcut to completing a master’s degree online with all the education and practical skills taught in a typical full time masters program.  You can save valuable time and money by completing a graduate distance education program without giving up on your personal and professional commitments.

Disciplines for graduate distance education
Because of the diversifications in online programs offered at various distance education schools, the following areas of education are taught as distance education master degree disciplines:

Business degrees
Criminal justice
Liberal arts
Education degrees
Health care
Human services
Arts & Design

Average salaries for candidates with graduate distance education
This is an open discussion since the salary for any candidate is dependent on the area of expertise in which they have graduated. So, a candidate with graduate distance education degree is far likely to earn more than the candidate with graduate distance education degree in arts & design field. However, on average you can earn $51,000 annually. So, pursuing a graduate distance education degree can help you enhance your career and give you much needed boost to jump up in the corporate ladder at the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which agency is responsible for accrediting Graduate Distance Education programs?

A:Graduate Distance Education programs are known as online educational programs. They are designed for students who cannot acquire higher education from the traditional campus based schools. It is important that online degree programs are accredited by an accrediting agency. In the case of online education, the distant education training council is responsible for accrediting online colleges and degree programs.

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