GIfted Education

What is Gifted Education?
GATE, or in its full form, Gifted and Talented Education, is the education system specifically designed for the talented or gifted students. The term includes all the procedures, practices, theories and techniques that are used in order to educate the Gifted or Talented Students. The services and type of education that gifted students may avail vary from state to state in the USA. Every state's department of education determines how the gifted students may receive the services and what they will be. Unlike special education, gifted education hasn't been made mandatory on the national level; however the US department of education does offer recommendations regarding gifted education. There isn't any hard and fast rule as to how much assistance they may gain.

The Arguments for Gifted Education
Due to the amazing ability of gifted students, supporters of gifted education believe that, gifted students should be given more academic challenges than the regular course book has to offer to the regular students. They further more conclude that gifted students should be engaged in advanced courses that may further enhance their abilities. Backers of gifted education also argue on the point that mostly schools are focused on the overall performance of their schools, that is why gifted students are usually ignored and don't receive the special treatment that they deserve. They also state that another reason why gifted students are neglected is that the education department's uneven attention is mainly diverted towards the education of special students. They are of the view that gifted students and special students should receive equal amount of services and consideration.

Classes for Gifted Children
Gifted students are usually taught in separate classes or perhaps in separate schools, either way they're hard to find and if they're discovered they are usually hard to afford. Classes for gifted students or often called Congregated Gifted Classes are specifically planned in order to facilitate the gifted students according to their talents. Another kind of class that is held for gifted students is called TAG classes, in which students are their own teacher and plan their course work and assignments themselves.

Another strategy that is implied for gifted student's education is to move them up to higher grades than they are currently in. Students are usually moved to the grade that best suits their mental abilities and preparedness, providing a cheaper way for gifted students to enhance their abilities. However, this way is arguably unappreciated by the supporters of gifted education, as the student finds it hard to socialize with the older students as he/she moves up in to higher grades, leaving them isolated in the class. Students in these sorts of conditions usually end up with a mental distress.

Nowadays, parents of the gifted students are migrating to either part time schooling or home schooling. Due to the budgetary issues, and due to the parent's desire of giving their children tailor made education, home schooling is by far the most common means of Gifted Education.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you explain what Gifted Education programs are?

A:The gifted and talented category comprises of those students with an above average IQ level. They require special attention and care to enhance their skills and abilities. Teachers in this category design a different framework of curriculum to be able to incorporate various activities that are not found in regular classes. This may include counseling, creativity, productivity, skill development as a part of the program.

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