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With the recent economic downturn, a massive part of the population has suddenly entered in to the race for jobs. The job market now demands more qualified individuals who have the most current knowledge. This has led to a constant focus on education and thousands of people are going back to school to improve their education. Most of the people who are looking to spruce up their CV's are already busy with their professional or personal lives so they might prefer to get their Education Online.

What is Online Education?
A number of educational institutions from all over the country offer online courses that allow the learner to attend the course, study for the examinations and earn a qualification using Information Technology and the internet. This recently developed method of teaching is also called eLearning. The syllabus and coursework is handed out and submitted online and in most cases, the learner does not even need to visit the institution physically to be able to complete a course. The range of qualifications available through online education comprises of diplomas, certificates and even bachelor's, masters and doctorate degrees.

How is Online Education Beneficial?
There are a number of reasons why online education has become a rising trend amongst learners. Some of them include:

- Flexibility: Because there is no fixed classroom schedule for Online Education, the learner has the flexibility to create their own schedule and plan of studying. This allows for the learners to carry on with their daily routines and be able to earn a qualification without disrupting their lifestyle.
- Increased Access: Some of the world's best scholars and teachers have made themselves and their work available online. With them not having to physically travel all over the globe, they can teach courses anywhere in the world; giving their knowledge and teaching skills more projection. - Reduced Costs: With lesser costs for the institutions due to no need of providing a physical campus; online education fees are lesser than conventional courses. The learner also saves any money they would have to spend on travel, syllabus and stationary.

How is Online Education provided?
There are a certain number of technologies and methodologies that are used by institutes to provide Education Online. Following are some of the methods and technologies used to make online education possible:

- Computer Based Learning/Training: This method involves the use of computers as the core element of an educational course. This includes online classes as well as the provision of reading material, coursework and tests online.

- Learning Management Systems: These are database softwares that are used by institutes to keep a record of the whole learning process. This software helps the students and teachers alike in creating a virtual classroom like atmosphere.

- Computer-Aided Assessment: A number of softwares are used to make the examination part of the online courses possible. These include MCQ style questionnaires and exam marking software.

If you think this innovative method of schooling suits you and getting your Education Online is the way forward, apply at one of the many accredited institutions online.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for education online mentioned DETC. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:DETC might be mentioned when searching for education online. It stands for Distance Education and Training Council. The main purpose of this organization is to ensure the educational standards of distance learning programs. This organization is recognized by both the Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Students are recommended to make sure that institution they enroll in properly accredited.

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