Distance Education Courses

Distance education or distance learning is the process of imparting knowledge to students who are separated from teachers or professors by distance. As a result, education is delivered in a non-traditional manner as students and teachers are not in the same classroom setting. Distance education has been available over the years through correspondence courses. Now with the prevalent use of the Internet, it is becoming increasingly easy to access education regardless of distance. There are a multitude of distance education courses being offered by colleges and universities. These distance learning options include certificate, diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master and even PhD level programs.
The Advantages of Distance Education

 Distance education provides a lot of advantages for those who choose this option. There are many who wish to enroll in educational programs but may be constrained due to their financial situation, family obligations or professional commitments. If you are located in an area which does not offer the kind of program you wish to enroll in and do not have the option of relocating, then you may want to look into one of the many distance education courses on offer through online universities. If you cannot uproot your family to move closer to an educational institution that offers the subject you want to gain knowledge in, an online education option would be the perfect option for you. Similarly if you cannot take time off from your career to attend a full-time course or program in a campus-based setting, then too you can avail one of the many distance education options available. Other advantages of distance learning include saving on commuting costs. Traveling costs for going to and from your chosen college can be saved on. Sometimes distance education courses also cost less as compared to a similar campus based program. Distance learning programs also offer a degree of flexibility for students to adjust their study schedules according to their personal requirements.
Distance Learning Technology
A variety of synchronous and asynchronous teaching options are used by those enrolled in distance education courses. These methods are used to pass on knowledge and communicate with students. Synchronous technologies are used when it is important for all students to be present together alongside the teacher. In such cases methods such as video or web conferencing, live streaming or internet radio may be used. When students may work at their own pace or according to their own schedules, then asynchronous technologies can be employed such as message boards, emails, DVDs or on-demand audio and video streaming options. Generally nowadays distance education courses require that students have access to the Internet in order to enroll in and complete a program.
Distance Education Programs and Degrees
Distance education colleges and universities offer educational programs in a wide range of subjects and at a variety of levels. Those searching for short duration courses such as certificates and diplomas can find online study options as can those who wish to enroll in a longer duration program such as an undergraduate or graduate degree.
It is extremely important to choose a distance education option that is accredited. Accreditation of an educational institute means that the program offered is of a minimum acceptable standard. This ensures that the distance education you acquire will be recognized by any employers or educational institutions that you apply to in the future.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the distance education courses such as the Introduction to Psychology?

A:The Distance Education Courses such as the one on Introduction to Psychology is a 2 credits worth course. It is usually structured to provide students with ample understanding of the different surveys of the field of psychology. Students are also provided with understanding of the different mechanisms of psychological nature. Hands on experience is also provided to the students.

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