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Recently conducted studies by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) indicate that the years before a child goes to kindergarten are the most critical for developing his learning abilities. Early childhood education schools design their programs to educate children in a way that will develop a naturally inquisitive nature and an aptitude for learning that will help them succeed in school. The US Department of Education is introducing several programs that aim to develop children’s early learning. Studies indicate that among primary school going children, the ones who had received some form of education at younger ages outperformed their peers who did not have the opportunity to receive early childhood education. The National Research Center on Early Childhood Education suggests that dissemination of education at a young age helps children overcome many problems throughout childhood, and develop teamwork and leadership abilities which can benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Early education focuses on teaching children through play. Research indicates that the basis of a child’s intellectual and social skills is play. A child learns problem solving and interpersonal skills and matures emotionally and socially by communicating with other children. Play is an integral part of learning conducive to the proper development of a child. Early childhood education schools also prepare a child for school life, and introduce things such as timetables, to help children develop healthy habits. Chilrden also develop vital language, communication and negotiation skills which stick with them for the rest of their lives. As parents and teachers are well aware, lack of physical activity in children is a worrying trend – by sending your child to an early education school you can ensure that your child participates in healthy activities that boost his or her physical and mental health. Essential motor skills that make neurosurgeons and fighter pilots are developed through basic physical activity, and this time is an ideal time to help your child explore his abilities and senses and the world around him. Interaction with peers also develops self esteem and confidence in children that becomes a permanent part of the child’s personality. Proper education at this stage is therefore, critical at an early age.

Having identified the advantages of early childhood education, schools throughout the country are now introducing some of the programs proposed by the Department of Education. One of these programs is the ‘Early Childhood Initiative’ which focuses on forming a strong educational and social foundation for children. Another program being carried out by schools is the ‘Early Reading First’ program under which schools are granted extra funding for developing facilities that will help in teaching young children basic reading skills. Additionally, the government is developing certain programs that will enable aspiring teachers to specialize in early childhood education. These programs are expected to employ almost 3 million people nationwide over the next 10 years and rapidly improve the education system while at the same time cutting down costs for special education and repetition. Students who have been enrolled in early childhood education skills are more likely to complete college degrees, acquire strong interpersonal skills and be prepared to meet future job demands. From a very young age throughout a person’s professional career and family life, childhood education plays an important role and it is imperative for parents to enroll their offspring in early childhood education skills.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What kinds of degree programs are available at Early Education Schools?

A:There are a few degree options available for students who wish to pursue a career in early childhood education. The different types of degree programs offered at early education schools include a two year associate’s degree in early childhood education, a four year bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, a two years master’s degree in early childhood education, and four to six year doctorate program.

Q:Can you name a few Early Childhood Education schools?

A:There are plenty of Early Childhood Education schools in US. These include degree programs offered by Kendall College, Walden University Online, Bellevue University, Grand Canyon University, Penn Foster Career School, Ryerson University, University of Southern California and Pacific Oaks College.

Q:Do the best online schools for Early Childhood Development offer accelerated programs?

A:We have a list of some of the best online schools for Early Childhood Development degree programs. The specialization area is offered in certificate, associate, bachelor, and master's programs. Any of these programs opted in the online program allow students to take much time they want to complete the program. They also offer the Master's degree program in Early Childhood Development in the accelerated track offering students to complete the program within 18 months.

Q:How do I find the best schools to get a Masters in Child Development?

A:The best way to figure out a school's credibility is by checking the school's accreditation status. The best schools for master's degrees in child development would have been accredited by the most relevant accreditation boards. Their degrees hold high value in the job market.

Q:While reading on the best online schools for Early Childhood Education, there was mention of the course on Guidance & Discipline. What is taught in this course?

A:The best online schools for Early Childhood Education do have a dedicated course on Guidance & Discipline, worth 4 credits. This course aims to make the students understand the concepts of guidance as well as discipline that are applicable to the behavior of children in the primary and preschool classrooms. The course aims to make the students more productive and responsible.

Q:What are the contents of the Children's Literature course of the online Early Education schools?

A:The online Early Education schools in the United States have a 4 credits worth course on Children's Literature. This course is designed to offer the students with a basic understanding of the literature of United States, which serves to be the core component of the curriculum of early childhood. the course teaches young students how to be able to evaluate the appropriate resources of literature.

Q:My search about online college classes SC early childhood education got me thinking about the future. What are the job prospects for this profession?

A:Searching for online college classes SC early childhood education would get you thinking about the employment outlook for this profession. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this sector is going to experience an increase of more than 17% till the year 2018.Professionals in this field can expect to work in both government and private institutions. Prospective students are advised to search our website for a list of schools offering this qualification.

Q:What are the contents of Early Childhood Education degree in Florida?

A:Early Childhood Education degree in Florida offers a comprehensive curriculum designed of a number of courses. Some of the core courses taught in the program includes early childhood student teaching, methods of teaching in early childhood: physical education, methods of teaching in early childhood: mathematics and science, survey of special populations, maintaining an effective learning climate and structured English Immersion.

Q:Could you tell me about online schools offering early childhood education?

A:Early childhood education has proved to be very beneficial for school going children and even the teaching staff, which is why the Department of Education is now encouraging it in every school across the country. To keep up with this progressive step, a lot of colleges are offering early childhood education courses online to teachers who want to add more to their professional expertise.

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