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Getting an online degree is becoming a popular practice for working professionals and students completing their degrees alike. The convenience of studying on one’s own schedule, from the comfort of home makes online degrees and courses ideal for people wishing to bolster their professional qualifications. With an increasing number of institutions from countries across the world offering online degrees and diplomas, it is important for the prospective students of online programs to properly research the program they are about to enroll in and the institute itself. One of the most important things to check about any university or college is to ensure that it is accredited by the regional education commission or education authority of the region within which it is located.

Institutes offering online programs need to be accredited by the Distance Education Training Council or DETC. DETC accreditation assures you that the degree or other program you are enrolled in is recognized and upon the completion of the degree you will receive a certificate attested by the Higher Education Commission in the region where the school is located. The United States Department of Education maintains an extensive list of most online institutes offering degree programs which can be looked up online. Most if not all accredited colleges have dedicated sections on their websites showcasing their recognition and accreditation by state or federal education authorities.

Catching on in the business of online education, many fake colleges and ‘diploma mills’ have popped up overnight, which offer certificates, transcripts and documents certifying completion of varying programs that are not accredited, nor do they follow any proper syllabus or provide online resources for students. With the promise of a ‘guaranteed’ degree in a couple of weeks for a certain amount of money, these diploma mills have managed to deceive a large number of people as well as employers with their ‘for sale’ degrees. The best way to avoid such fraudulent schemes is to enroll in a school that is accredited and recognized by a local state or federal education authority. A degree earned from an accredited school is just as good as a degree from any university, and employers will be more inclined to a person having a certified, accredited degree on file.

One more option for students and professionals interested in online programs is to enroll in a virtual university – virtual universities are mostly set up by the governments of different countries and adhere to the highest quality of education to give you a properly accredited degree. Virtual universities are staffed by qualified and certified online instructors for each subject, and lectures are recorded and available for students in real time and through the university archives at a later time as well. However, virtual universities are limited, and they offer a lesser number of programs than online universities making them less popular with people looking for qualifications specific to a certain field.

A number of disciplines, such as nursing and healthcare, engineering, business administration, criminal justice and security, education and IT are provided by a large number of online universities in a variety of programs, such as associate’s, bachelors and masters degrees as well as doctorates and diplomas and short courses in various fields. Identifying the correct program for yourself from a recognized online institution goes a long way in establishing the authenticity of your degree, and all things considered, it will save you a lot of frustration and effort as compared to obtaining an unaccredited degree which may be rejected by a prospective employer.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the advantages of studying from accredited online schools?

A:Online degree programs have become very popular nowadays; distant education is a fast growing concept. There are many advantages of enrolling in online degree programs. Firstly, online education is far less expensive as compared to campus based programs; the tuition costs are relatively low. Secondly, online education is flexible in terms of timings and coursework; students can work at their own pace and at suitable hours form the comfort of their homes. Thirdly, online education allows students to pursue jobs without having to worry about attending classes etc. There is no transportation required in the case of online education.

Q:All of the accredited schools to register with challenging NCLEX PN program have the Health Records Management course. What are the contents of this course?

A:The top of the line NCLEX LPN programs have Health Records Management courses. These courses introduce the students on ways to maintain and keep all of the records that are used in medical offices. Students will get to see real life samples of these records, comprehend the contents of these records as well as get to know of the ways in which these records are used, stored and shared by the medical staff.

Q:Which online accredited elementary education schools offer teaching degree programs?

A:Students interested in pursuing a elementary teaching career can attain teaching qualifications from online schools. Following are the names of popular online schools that offer accredited teaching degrees: Kaplan University, Walden University Capella University, Post University, Saint Josephs University, Jones International University, Grand Canyon University, Tiffin University, Western Governors University, and CDI College.

Q:What are the various accredited online schools Elementary Education degree programs available to students?

A:Elementary education teaching degree is basically qualification earned to become skilled elementary teachers. Students can opt for elementary teaching education from various schools at various levels. The different types of elementary teaching degree programs are: bachelor degree in elementary education, master’s degree in elementary education, doctorate degree in elementary education, elementary education certificate and diplomas.

Q:What is taught in accredited online schools for Bachelors in Early Childhood Education?

A:Bachelors in early childhood education offered by accredited online schools aims at equipping students with teaching skills and knowledge that prepares them to become successful teachers in the future. The program teaches students about the various teaching methodologies and pedagogy. They gain knowledge on how to effectively communicate with young children in the modern day classroom.

Q:What is the licensing procedure after graduating from accredited online Schools for Teachers?

A:It is necessary to earn at least a bachelor degree in teaching in order to qualify as a professional teacher. However, after completing teaching education, it is necessary to earn a teacher’s license to join the profession. There are certain certifying bodies that offer teacher certifications such as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Students are required to pass the certification and licensing exam to earn teaching licenses.

Q:What is main area of focus in an associate of arts degree offered at accredited online Schools in GA for Early Childhood Education?

A:Early childhood education at associate of arts degree level is a pre bachelor course. It provides a solid foundation of knowledge in this field. The main areas that are giving focus in an associate of arts in early childhood education are: development, learning assessment, special learners, instructional technology, cognitive learning, and behavioral assessment of young children.

Q:What legal body is responsible for accreditation of accredited online schools of Elementary Education degrees?

A:Accredited online schools of Elementary Education degrees are accredited by a number of legal bodies. The accredited school must be accredited by the higher education commission and the DETC (Distance education training council). When it comes accreditation of teaching schools, the NCATE (National council for accreditation of teacher education) is the top accrediting agency in the field of teaching and education.

Q:Do accredited schools of Early Childhood Education also offer teacher training programs?

A:Yes, quite a few accredited schools of Early Childhood Education offer training programs for teachers. These programs are more profession oriented and require a great deal of practical work. The program offers students real experience in a real classroom where they get to apply the teaching methodologies they learnt. Students also get to work side by side experienced and professional teachers and gain teaching tips first hand. Such programs can be regarded as similar to apprenticeship programs.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Business Communications in the online accredited schools California?

A:The Online Accredited Schools in California have dedicated courses on Business Communications. This course is usually worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the basic principles of communicating in English in a business environment. Students are also provided with ample understanding in this course in the form of hands on experience.

Q:Are accredited online schools taken seriously in academic circles?

A:Over the years the number institutions that offer online education have risen tremendously and they have gained acceptance and respect from various concerned circles. Now Ivy League and state universities, community colleges and private institutions offer a number of accredited online courses. Often these schools make no difference between their online and traditional degree programs and are very popular among students from varied backgrounds.

Q:Why is accredited online schools education preferred?

A:Having a degree from an accredited institution is a proof that the education you are getting is quality education. A degree form an accredited college can provide better job opportunities. Non-accredited colleges have no checks that is why there is no way that you can ensure if the education you get will be of any value or not.

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