Teaching ESL Jobs

Teaching ESL jobs include one of the most lucrative employment opportunities in the education sector. Careers in teaching ESL are extremely promising. The growing demand for professionals who can teach English as a secondary language makes pursuing Teaching ESL jobs a wise career choice. Immigration and globalization has made English language one of the most important mediums of communication. This is why scores of jobs are available for students with knowledge in teaching ESL.

Top Teaching ESL Jobs
Some of the top jobs you can pursue in teaching ESL are:

Computational linguistics expert
ESL program director
ESL instructor
ESL curriculum developer
ESL textbook author
Other than the education industry, you can also find jobs in other sectors such as:

On average, you can earn $47,830 per year. However, the precise salary of a professional in this field depends on the level of his degree, experience and the kind of workplace where he finds a teaching ESL job.

Teaching ESL Programs
There are a number of Teaching ESL programs that can help you to establish a career in this promising field. Programs that can lead you to the best Teaching ESL jobs are:

MA in teaching ESL
MS in teaching ESL
M. Ed in teaching ESL
These training programs are offered by campus based as well as online institutes. You can choose an education route according to your own preference.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the main types of esl teacher jobs?

A:Some of the popular esl teacher jobs include computational linguistics experts, ESL instructors, ESL textbook authors, ESL curriculum developers, and ESL program directors. Other than the education industry, candidates can also find jobs in banking, computing and healthcare sectors. There are various masters level programs which can lead to esl teacher jobs in the field.

Q:What types of esl teaching jobs are most common?

A:There are various types of esl teaching jobs. Some of the most common ones are ESL instructors, ESL textbook authors, computational linguistics experts, ESL program directors, and ESL curriculum developers. Apart from these jobs, candidates can also find jobs in computing, healthcare sectors, and banking sector. The most common route to esl teaching jobs is to get a masters degree.

Q:As I was reading about online esl jobs, I found out that I can study online. How are online courses covered?

A:Yes, you can pursue higher education online. Many schools are now offering online degree programs and courses. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can cover the course with the help of videos, tutorials, slideshows, classroom conferencing, and online lectures. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:While I was searching for online esl teaching jobs, I found out that I cannot work as a teacher without a license. Is that true?

A:Yes, without a license, you cannot work as a teacher. The licensing requirements of teachers may vary a little from state to state. However, in most states, having a bachelor degree in teaching is required for a license. It is recommended that you seek information about licensing from the license issuing authority or education board in your state.

Q:When researching about teach esl jobs, I came across an article which didn't mention what ESL was. What exactly is ESL?

A:ESL is short for English as a second language. Teaching ESL is a great job because teachers provide English classes to students whose native language is not English. These people include immigrants and students from other countries. Because learning English is an important requirement to live and study in the U.S., this career is one that is very much in demand.

Q:Can I do private tutoring when I teach esl online?

A:Yes, there are increasing opportunities for online one on one tutoring for ESL teachers. Most students hire ESL teachers from trusted websites or from recommended sources. It requires a strong command over grammar, vocabulary and spelling. The teacher will also need a patient and calm demeanor as online tutoring is normally with foreign students.

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