How to Become A Middle School Teacher

Middle School Teachers need to have Bachelor’s degrees to teach grades 6 to 8. Depending on the requirement of the school, teachers are expected to teach different subjects. Some have a specialization in subjects like mathematics, history, science, etc. Teachers are expected to perform multiple duties including setting classrooms, preparing lesson plans, grading papers, supervising extracurricular activities and meeting with parents. They usually work during school hours but they also have work on different activities from home as well. This article will tell you more about Middle School Teachers and how to become a part of this profession.

Should I Become a Middle School Teacher?                                                                            

Education Required

Bachelor’s Degree

Major Requirement



Mandatory for teachers working in a public school


Mandatory in some states

Key Skills

Communication Skills, Patience, Physical Stamina, Resourcefulness

Annual Mean Salary (2018)

$62,030 (Middle School Teachers, except special and career/technical education)

Job Outlook (2018- 2028)


 Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Requirements:

Aspiring Middle School Teachers need to have a Bachelor’s degree with some student-teaching experience. However, some employers require teachers to have a Master’s degree. Training is common in the profession, however it is mandatory in some states only. Teachers who want to work in public schools need to get licensed. These professionals are required to have excellent communication skills so they can share ideas with their students, staff and administrators. Their biggest challenge is to maintain patience in challenging situations. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean salary of a Middle School Teacher was $62,030 in 2018.

How to become a Middle School Teacher

  1. Get Your Degree

To become a Middle School Teacher, a person should have a Bachelor’s degree from a certified school. Mostly students who want to pursue their career in teaching choose education, mathematics, history as their major. They are also asked to take qualifying exams.

  1. Teaching Experience

Teachers are required to have a degree and a license if they want to work in a public school. Teaching experience is an important part of the whole process but it is not a prerequisite for earning a license in every state. Many states want teachers to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEC) to maintain their license.

  1. Teaching Certificate

Each state has its own requirement of certification and licensing. Getting a certificate for Middle School falls under Elementary Education in a few states. As per the Educational Testing Service, around 40 states require applicants to take the Praxis Series tests. According to the National Center for Alternative Certification, there are different programs which help teachers who have not been through the traditional teacher preparation programs. These programs include field work, seminars and different exercises to provide them with the required knowledge.

  1. Professional Development

Professional development includes renewing certificates and evaluating teacher performance. Teachers are required to take some courses, attend workshops and seminars to maintain their license.

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