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Florida is an Iconic region of the United States, and is known for its tourist attractions all over the world. With its sunny beaches, over a thousand mile of coastline, amusement parks, the Kennedy Space Center and more, Florida exudes the confidence of all that America stands for. In addition to its natural and man-made splendors, the state also attracts many for its solid education system which has produced many well-known personalities. Florida's ideal surroundings have served as a source of inspiration for the likes of Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway and others.

Colleges in Florida

Florida is home to some of the best schools, colleges and universities, both public and private. These schools are conveniently located so that students can make the best out of their studies. Students can choose from a wide variety of degree programs. Business, economics, engineering, law, accounting and others are some of the most popular majors in Florida. The state, however, offers something more to its students then traditional educational programs.

Florida is a hub of tourism. Millions visit the state each year, not just from the United States but the rest of the world as well. That is why many schools in Florida offer non-degree and degree programs in tourism, hotel management, foreign languages, etc. Interested students may enroll in these programs and maximize their chances of getting employed.

Industry-related Educational Programs

Those interested in working for Florida's amusement parks may enroll in business degree programs and possibly work for the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort. However there is more to amusement parks in Florida than Walt Disney alone: Florida is also famous for SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, the Universal Orlando Resort and more. Students with various academic backgrounds have been hired by these companies.

Florida is also home to many marine and wildlife species not found elsewhere. Schools in Florida offer degrees in environmental studies, marine biology and other related disciplines. Students during the course of their studies may not only learn the theory but also gain firsthand experience while still in school.

While tourism makes for the largest sector in the state's economy, Florida agriculture doesn't fall too far behind it. The state's agriculture is a billion dollar industry. Its oranges are considered to be one of the best in the world. Many universities, therefore, offer programs exclusively focusing on agricultural science, biological and agricultural system engineering, international agriculture and business, landscape design and management, and agribusiness.

Beyond Academics

In addition to academics, many universities in Florida have sports programs which are highly sought out by those high school graduates who intend to become professional players. University sports programs in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc., are famous nationwide. Many college teams from Florida have also won state and national championships.

Online Options

Some colleges and universities in Florida also offer all or some of their academic programs online. These programs are ideal for mid to senior-level professionals looking to enhance their skills for career advancement. Online programs are distance learning programs where students learn through a variety of ways using internet.

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