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Online Real Estate School Florida

If you have good interpersonal and negotiation skills, then pursuing a career in real estate may be a suitable option for you. Real estate professionals basically deal in the property management business. Some help people buy, sell, and rent properties while others estimate the value of land and the buildings on the land. To get into the field of real estate, you must complete a real estate course and obtain a license. There are a number of schools that offer real estate courses in Florida, and they teach students various aspects of the real estate industry. Although real estate agents and brokers may get into the field with a high school diploma, some employers prefer to hire candidates with a college education. Completing degree programs in real estate may also be suitable for real estate professionals who seek college credentials to supplement their experience.

Online Real Estate School Florida

Real estate degree programs are offered at both undergraduate as well as graduate levels. Florida students may enroll in short pre-license courses offered at some schools. These programs enable students to learn about real estate practices and principles. Real estate finance and sales are also covered in these programs. Other than traditional classes, some schools in Florida also offered online real estate courses, so students are able to study remotely. Online students may study on a schedule that fits their individual routine. The flexibility of online real estate courses makes them a suitable choice for professionals seeking additional credentials while working full-time.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Students who wish to find entry level opportunities in real estate could enroll in associate’s degree programs in real estate, and these generally take two years to complete. Bachelor’s degree programs are also offered at many schools, and these may be suitable for students who want to learn about the real estate business and acquire communication skills. Typically, a bachelor’s degree program may take four years to complete, but might take longer due to the route that students decide to take.

Graduate Degree Programs

A number of schools in Florida also offered graduate degree programs in real estate. Students seeking senior level or leadership roles in real estate may want to enroll in these programs where they will learn how to apply theoretical and analytical concepts to real estate lending, investment, and development. Advanced degrees in real estate such as MBAs with a focus in real estate may include courses in estate law, real estate finance, and project management.

Continuing Education in Real Estate

Students who have already earned degrees in real estate and wish to build upon their knowledge could enroll in professional development programs or continuing education programs. These programs will allow students to stay updated with current trends in real estate, and acquire additional skills that may be useful for career development.


Real estate degree programs and other courses may allow students to explore various areas including finance and real estate practices and principles. Curriculum may include topics such as:

  • Mortgage-backed securities and markets
  • Real estate management
  • Appraisal and escrow procedures
  • Legal aspects
  • Property management
  • Urban planning

Students may also take courses in business administration and law, and complete electives from subject areas such as financial management, development and the environment, and design and development economy. Completing the coursework will allow students to conduct research that measures current trends, predict future activity, and learn about the real estate business.


To enroll in the real estate degree programs, students must meet the following general requirements:

  • Hold a high school diploma or GED.
  • Submit GRE or GMAT scores if applying to graduate programs
  • Provide letters of recommendation
  • Have related work experience
  • Demonstrate leadership and academic potential

Applying to graduate degree programs in real estate requires students to hold a bachelor’s degree. Other admissions factors may vary by schools or type of program.

Employment Opportunities

Students who earn degrees in real estate may pursue careers as salespeople, brokers, mortgage loan originators, and real estate appraisers. These professionals generally work in offices of real estate agents and brokers while some also work in credit intermediation and related activities.

According to information from O*NET OnLine, in 2012 there were 59,680 real estate agents in the state of Florida. The figure is likely to grow to 69,790 by 2022 which shows over 17% employment change. The state also had about 5,220 real estate appraisers in 2012, and the number is expected to grow to 5,860 by 2022.

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