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Engineering Schools in Florida

Florida is a prominent US state best known for its variety of attractions including theme parks and beaches. The state’s economic outlook has recently improved and at present it offers a variety of new job openings. Florida boasts a number of institutes of higher education that offer a range of programs for students with diverse educational and professional goals. There are also engineering schools in the state as well that offer degrees and certificates in scores of disciplines. Aspiring engineers can enroll in these engineering schools and possibly pursue careers in this line of work.

Engineering entails a range of occupations such as from mechanical engineering to biomedical engineering. The career outlook for engineers is good as employment of various engineering professions is expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations. Mechanical engineers are reported as being one of the best technology jobs according to US News and World Report. The BLS reports that the career prospects for biomedical engineers are extremely high with 62% projected growth within the 2010-2020 period. The BLS has placed this occupation in its list of Fastest Growing Occupations. The various programs in Florida’s engineering schools can increase your chances of developing a career in engineering by providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Engineering Schools in Florida

Florida’s engineering schools offer a range of engineering degrees that can potentially enable students to enter into careers in a related field of their choice. Aspiring engineers can enroll in associate, bachelor or master’s degrees. PhD programs are also available. The engineering schools in Florida are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources. They are also actively engaged in undertaking national and international research projects.

Types of Programs

Students who are interested in the field of engineering can find several degree program options to choose from in the state of Florida. The schools in the state offer programs in most of the prominent areas of engineering such as biomedical, environmental, electrical, and mechanical and civil engineering. Degrees are also available in computer science, materials science, construction management, and chemical & biomedical engineering.

Admissions Requirements

To become eligible for enrolling in a degree program in engineering, students need to hold a high school diploma or GED. Students may also have to pass entry tests and appear for an interview. Other admission factors vary by school.


The curriculum in engineering programs varies according to the area of specialty. Mechanical engineering programs may include topics such as computer-aided design, stress analysis design engineering, industrial electricity and quality control. Students in civil engineering programs may get instruction in physics, cartography, topography, estimating and computer aided drafting.

Career Prospects

Engineers can work in various settings such as architectural and engineering firms. They can also apply for jobs in management, scientific, and technical consulting services. Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, as well as colleges and universities also hire engineers. The yearly income of engineers depends on their location, type of job and experience. Biomedical engineers earned a median annual salary of $81,540 while mechanical engineers made $78,160 on a median annual basis in May 2010.



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