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Boynton Beach is a small city located in the vibrant U.S. state of Florida. The coastal city is currently home to approximately 65,000 people. Its earlier economy during its town-building stage was focused on cash crops like pineapples, tomatoes, etc. but the current economy is propelled by sectors in technology, business and commerce. With a population composed of people belonging to different ethnicities, the city boasts a rich, multicultural environment. The schools in Boynton Beach are also state-of-the-art and provide the residents with quality education in many popular fields of study.

Students aiming for higher or vocational education can pursue a variety of degree programs in Boynton Beach. Usually, an admission in all these programs requires a high school diploma. Diploma level programs are available in fields like cosmetology, medical assistantship, medical coding & billing and patient care technology. Associate degrees are imparted in subjects like health services administration, medical office administration and nursing. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are offered transition options in the associate level nursing programs to facilitate their goal of becoming a registered nurse (RN). The programs offered by the schools in Boynton Beach are student-friendly and convenient making education an achievable target for prospective students. With hands-on experience and expert guidance by a qualified faculty, the students are well-prepared to handle any challenge and are also skilled to pass relevant certification exams.

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