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Technology has become a prime facilitator for many day to day activities. We use technology for majority of simple tasks such as sharing information and communicating. It is difficult to imagine life without technology nowadays. Apart from basic information sharing, technology has founded the basis for many industries that work solely in developing tech gadgets. There are many different organizations that require the use of technology for providing services. Some of the major industries or sectors that are using technology include the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Media and entertainment

The job market has also experienced growth in many sectors due to technology and education. Many students are earning degrees in technology-related academic fields to prepare for technology careers. In the coming years, the use of technology is only expected to increase, which ultimately reflects a positive growth in technology related jobs. Many publications and ranking websites have issued a list of careers in technology that are currently high in demand. Some of them are mentioned below in detail:

  • Computer Systems Analysts

  • These professionals work in many different organizations and basically manage the computer systems and networks. Many different firms use computers for managing business and customer data. Therefore it is important to hire professionals who can manage data in a professional manner. Computer systems analysts can be found working in a range of different firms.

  • Software Developers

  • Software developers are professionals who create software programs using different computer languages. These programs can be designed for a specific business activity or function. Software developers play a crucial role in the world of technology nowadays.
    • Lab Technicians

  • Healthcare is among the largest sector that employs thousands of people. Technology is being used in many medical fields to enhance service delivery and treatment. Lab technicians are among the many occupations in healthcare that use technology for analyzing medical data, specimens, and more.

  • Video Game Designers

  • The popularity of video games has increased manifold in recent years. Countless young people engage in video game activities for leisure purposes. These games are designed for mobile phones, tablets, and all kinds of personal computers. Video game designers are the leading professionals who create them and may also market them.

  • Web Developers

  • The World Wide Web has turned the world into a global village. Through the many interactive online websites available now, users can conduct a range of activities, both leisure and commercial. Web developers are qualified professionals who design websites for different organizations and purposes.

    Careers with technology are being promoted by many technology educational institutes. We can see around us many leading colleges that are currently offering a diverse range of technology degrees. One can pursue higher education in this field and look forward to a great career ahead. Technology degree programs are available at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. These programs are designed to equip students with practical skills and in-depth knowledge about the latest technologies.

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