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Certificate in Healthcare Administration

Overview of the field

A Certificate of Healthcare Administration is the introduction to the administrative issues in the field of healthcare. The degree prepares individuals who want to work in administrative positions in the healthcare industry.

Structure and duration of the degree program
A Certificate of Healthcare Administration can be completed within a year with 30 credit points. Courses are usually offered one at a time which takes around one year to complete. The credits can then be transferred to a diploma which is completed in another year.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework of Certificate of Healthcare Administration trains students in the administration and supervision of healthcare units like hospitals, private clinics and other healthcare providers. The coursework includes:
Human resource development
Basics of administration for healthcare
Administrative tactics
Workplace ethics
Leadership development skills for supervisors
The coursework is mainly focused on enhancing the students’ administrative ability particularly in the healthcare environment.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
You can get admission into a Certificate of Healthcare Administration program even without a high school diploma but a prior knowledge of the field can be very helpful in understanding the mechanics of Healthcare Administration. It is a good choice for those who are already working in the healthcare field at administrative positions.

Career prospects and salary
healthcare is the biggest industry in the country and the jobs market is expected to expand rapidly. A Certificate of Healthcare Administration can get you entry-level jobs in administrative positions in big and small hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and jails.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Certificate in Healthcare Administration?

Many schools in the United States, such as the Capella University, the Seton Hall University and the New York Medical College, are offering a Certificate Program in Healthcare Administration, which can be completed within 12 months. Both on campus and online classes are being offered to students. This curriculum of the certificate program focuses on the political, economic and administrative aspects of health care administration.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Certificate in Healthcare Administration?

In order to complete the graduate certificate program, students have to complete approximately 15 to 18 credit hours. They have to study courses like Healthcare Policy, Ethics in Healthcare, Healthcare Management, Strategic Healthcare Planning, and Economics and Decision Making in Health Care. This program provides students the skill set and knowledge needed to manage healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals and health departments.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Certificate in Healthcare Administration?

After obtaining a Certificate in Healthcare Administration, individuals can pursue careers as Medical & Health Service Managers, and Healthcare Administrators. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median pay of Medical & Health Service Managers was $99,730 in 2018. The number of jobs in this field in 2016 was 352, 200. Also, the employment in this field is expected to grow by 20%, which is much faster than the average for all other professions.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the different types of online certificates in healthcare administration available to students?

A:Students who have a graduate degree or a post graduate degree in healthcare administration can enhance their careers by earning certificates in this area. Some of the types of online certificates in healthcare administration are: health administration certificate, medical billing and coding assistant certificate, medical assistant certificate, clinical medical assistant certification, and information technology in healthcare certificate.

Q:With certificate healthcare administration, jobs can be pursued in which type of institutions?

A:A certificate in healthcare administration specializes an individual in the field of administration. They gain in depth knowledge of managing and effectively controlling administrative activities. This certificate can lead to managerial and supervisory job positions in various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, old homes, private clinics, and diagnostic laboratories.

Q:Can you give me some information about healthcare administration certificate jobs?

A:Healthcare administration jobs are among the fastest growing jobs in this sector. These jobs deal with management and administrative functions related to healthcare organizations. Healthcare interpreter, medical secretary, medical transcriptionist, medical biller, and patient representative are a few of the jobs that fall in the category of administration. A certificate in this area can help boost ones career and increase job opportunities.

Q:While searching for certificate in hospital administration, I came across a course of Health Care Economics and Decision Making. Can you explain what it involves?

A:This course will entail a detailed understanding of fundamental economic problems and principles. While working in hospital administration you will be required to apply your knowledge about demand and supply issues learned in this course. You will learn to make informed and rational decisions while working in stressful environments. You will also gain knowledge to ensure optimum utilization of scarce resources.

Q:Can you explain the details of a general health care administration certificate program?

A:A certificate program deals with the basic concepts in health care administration like the financial, legal and managerial aspects. In addition to this, numerous programs are now offered that cater to the need of diagnostic side of the healthcare industry. You can choose to enroll yourself in any area of specialization like rehabilitation therapy, medical billing and coding, diet and nutrition etc.

Q:What is studied in healthcare administration certification?

A:Healthcare administration is different from administration requirements of other professions. Apart from the managerial procedures, you also need to know the healthcare processes in order to make the administration more effective. For healthcare administration certification you may have to study human resource management, medical terminology, account management, healthcare fundamentals and processes.

Q:How are Certificates In Healthcare beneficial for a career?

A:If you are already working in a healthcare organization, and are looking for a way to boost your career, earning a certificate program can help you. This program certifies an individual in a certain field or task. You can also update your skills and knowledge, and utilize them in your job. Certificate programs can help you increase your earning potential and job prospects.

Q:Can you name a few job positions that I can pursue with a certificate in healthcare administration?

A:There are many jobs you can qualify for with a certificate in healthcare administration. This program will equip you with administrative knowledge and management skills. A few jobs you can look forward to have been mentioned here: health information manager, hospital administrator, healthcare administrator, department head, medical service assistant, and service manager.

Q:What are the main areas that and administrative certificate hospital will focus on and what are the typical education prerequisite requirements?

A:The essential courses and topic areas that are part of a hospital administration certificate are usually based on billing and coding for the various procedures that are performed within hospitals and medical facilities. The management of health records and an understanding of other general office protocols are also imparted. In most cases, a high school diploma or an equivalent certification is sufficient for eligibility.

Q:Is a Certification in Healthcare Administration Online better than enrolling in a campus based certification program?

A:The mode of education that suits you best should be pursed. If you are working and are a full time professional, you can opt for online courses as they can be completed without having to attend campus based classes. This means you do not have to put your work on hold to pursue studies. On the other hand, online programs are self-paced and flexible.

Q:What is Certificate in Healthcare Administration and how can I complete it?

A:A certificate in healthcare administration is a short non-degree course that is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding administrative practices used in healthcare institution. Too complete the program, you must study all the course components and assignments. For more information about this certificate program, browse through our page.

Q:How can I do the Certificate Healthcare Administration?

A:The admission requirements for the certificate program in healthcare administration may vary from school to school, however some commons ones are: the completion of a high school diploma or equivalent GED qualification, a completed application form, letter of recommendation from a previous teacher, transcripts of previous study and some programs may also have a cumulative GPA requirement.

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