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Bachelor in Healthcare Administration

You can pursue a number of varied career paths following the successful completion of a bachelor of healthcare administration degree program. These programs are designed to help you with developing an understanding of various administrative tasks related to the medical sector. There are a number of campus-based programs as well as online schools that offer this degree program.

The Scope of Bachelor of Healthcare Administration

A Bachelor of healthcare administration program can usually be completed in 4 years, although in a number of cases it may take more or less than this duration. During the course of this program, you will get a chance to explore the dynamics of various tasks related to the management of healthcare facilities. Preparing schedules for medical staff as well as employee benefit plans and schedules for nurses is also covered. Some of the courses you will study in this program are:
  • Human resource management
  • Quality improvement
  • Economics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Public health
  • Strategic planning

Skills Learned With a Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Degree

Application of critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify problems
Develop a solid understanding of healthcare concerns that can arise in a business setting
Apply theoretical knowledge to finding solutions to medical concerns
Learning how to take stock counts and maintain sufficient levels of inventory
Acquiring tools to carry out business processes smoothly
Managing human resource needs and classifications in a healthcare organization
Understanding legal concerns relating to the healthcare industry

Once you earn a bachelor of healthcare administration degree you can enroll in advanced degree programs in this area of specialization to give a boost to your career.

Enrollment Trends for Bachelors in Heath Professions and Related Programs

Enrollment Trends for Bachelors in Health Professions and Related Programs

Enrollment Trends for BachelorsAbsolute Annual Enrollment: The healthcare industry has seen an evident boom over the past decade, which has translated into soaring enrollments in health professions and related programs. Having almost doubled over the twelve-year period, enrollments have shown an overall improvement of 115.24%.

Relative Annual Enrollments

Relative Annual Enrollments for Healthcare Degrees

Relative Annual Enrollments – Student Interest Level: Upon analysis of enrollments in healthcare as a percentage of total enrollments, we see that in the last 10 years, student interest levels have risen constantly, culminating in a high 9.13% in 2011-12 and averaging at 6.7% over the entire 12 years. According to these numbers, health professions and related programs are popular choices among bachelor’s students and if the trend holds, they will continue to be so.

Career Outlook

Earning a bachelor of healthcare administration degrees enable you find job opportunities within the medical world across a broad spectrum of work environments. Graduates can work as:

  • Nurse administrators
  • Human resource managers
  • Medical and Health Services Managers
  • Technologists and Technicians
  • Community Health Workers
  • Health Teachers
what jobs can you get with a healthcare administration degree

As compared to the health teachers, medical and health services managers earned 18% more in 2013.

 The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) asserts that around 90% of all professionals working as managers in a healthcare administrative capacity earn more than $53,940 yearly as of May 2012, whereas this figure crosses $150,560 for those in the top ten percent lot. However, the precise salary depends on your job location and experience in this industry.

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 1660 0.11 1.26 18.13 37720
Florida 1130 0.14 1.68 17.97 37370
Illinois 960 0.16 1.92 17.9 37240
Texas 760 0.07 0.78 16.62 34570
New York 650 0.07 0.85 20.12 41840


How Long Does It Take to Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration?

If you want to pursue a career in Healthcare Administration, then you should begin with a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the same subject. Various universities in the U.S. offer this degree either on campus or online as a full/part-time program. For instance, the Mount Mercy University, the Medaille University and the Southern New Hampshire University offer a full-time online bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration?

The requirements to complete a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration vary for each university. For instance, students of the online bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration offered at the Southern New Hampshire University must complete 120 credit hours to graduate. On the other hand, students of the online Bachelor of Professional Studies: Health Information Management (HIM) degree offered at the Medaille College must complete 60 credit hours to graduate. The curriculum of this degree commonly includes courses such as Introduction to Health Information Systems, Health Policy, Law & Ethics and Accounting for Health Care Professionals, etc.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration?

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration graduates often opt for a master’s degree in the same subject to enhance their career options. Those who choose to gain experience usually work at entry/mid-level managerial positions in public or private hospitals. According to the data reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, Medical and Health Services Managers earned an annual median income of $99,730.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What job can I get with a Bachelors in Business Administration with health care administration specialization?

A:A bachelor degree in business with specialization in healthcare administration is an undergraduate level degree program. It provides students with complete knowledge of administration in the healthcare sector, and brief knowledge of business administration. This dual knowledge opens the doors to many job positions such as the following: health case managers, administrative medical assistant jobs, clinical research jobs, financial managerial jobs, claims examiner jobs, executive assistant jobs, accounting jobs, and health supervisory jobs.

Q:As I read the article on jobs you can work in with a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration, there was mention of the course on Patient Safety & Preparation. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Patient Safety & Preparation while going through the jobs you can work in with a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration. This course is worth 4 credits in total. The sole aim of this course is to provide the students with apt knowledge of the basic principles of safety in a hospital or a clinic.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Fundamentals of Management in the online bachelor in Healthcare Administration?

A:The Online Bachelor in Healthcare Administration have dedicated course on Fundamentals of Management. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the more skill based approaches to the concepts of decision making and planning. Students are then also given strong hands on experience.

Q:Will a bachelor degree in healthcare administration teach me all that I need to know start work in this field?

A:No academic program can teach you 'all' you need to know. There is always an element of picking up the finer points when you start working. After all, every academic subject has a theoretical part and a practical part. You should carefully research your program and see if it meets your needs.

Q:How long will it take me to complete a bachelors in healthcare administration degree program?

A:A bachelor's degree in healthcare administration is an undergraduate program that takes approximately four years to complete. You can opt for this level of degree program after completion of high school education. There are a few colleges that offer accelerated versions of bachelor programs. An accelerated program takes less than the regular time period to complete.

Q:Can you describe the coursework of an online bachelors degree in healthcare administration?

A:An undergraduate level degree in healthcare administration will focus on developing fundamental leadership and management skills. The modules are designed from the management discipline but will include a healthcare perspective. Some important courses studied are human resource management, integrated delivery systems, finance, introduction to information technology, operations and strategic management, organizational behavior, and health policy.

Q:What will I learn in a bachelors in hospital administration degree?

A:A bachelor's degree in hospital administration will focus on administrative concepts. You will study areas such as management principles, health administration law, medical terminology, quality improvement, global health issues, healthcare system basics, and practice management. The program takes approximately four years to complete and qualifies an individual for administrative job positions in healthcare settings.

Q:What are the essential healthcare skills I will need along with the Bachelor of Science in hospital administration?

A:There are some highly important skills that will help you a lot in establishing your health care career, along with the Bachelor of Science in hospital administration. These crucial skills include management and leadership skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, analytical and problem solving skills, and openness to the diverse opinions.

Q:I came across the strategic management course in the bachelors hospital administration. Can you tell me what is it about?

A:The strategic management course in the bachelors hospital administration enables students to apply the strategic management concepts in the field of healthcare. Students learn to integrate their knowledge of various other courses such as economics, finance, quantitative analysis, health management, marketing, and leadership in order to successfully apply the strategic management concepts in healthcare.

Q:I would like to know what subjects will I be studying if I enroll in a bachelors in hospital healthcare administration degree?

A:A bachelors in hospital healthcare administration degree will cover subjects such as quality improvement, global health issues, medical terminology, healthcare personnel management, healthcare administration law, and marketing. You will learn how to effectively manage administrative procedures, communication channels, and polices designed for healthcare. The degree will qualify you for administrative posts in a variety of healthcare institutions.

Q:While researching on courses studied for bachelors in medical administration, I came across courses such as public health and human resource management. Are there any other courses?

A:For a four year undergraduate / bachelor's degree in medical administration, there are a number of subjects that prospective students get to study in detail. Besides courses such as public health and human resource management, students also get to study subjects like economics, accounting and finance, quality improvement and strategic planning.

Q:What types of things are learned while doing bachelors of hospital administration with a concentration in health management?

A:The Bachelor of Science in hospital administration with a concentration in health management focuses on many important factors such as leadership theory and facility planning, which are important in preparing one for an effective hospital administration. The course work is based in the areas of management, finance, legal and ethical parameters, human resources, information systems and so forth.

Q:Is a bs in science and health care administration necessary to earn if I want to apply for a managerial/administrative job position?

A:The healthcare administrative industry is growing fast. Now almost every healthcare institution such as hospitals and clinics require healthcare admin professionals to handle admin tasks and perform managerial functions. If you are planning to work in this department, you need to be well qualified and should have at least a bachelor degree in this area.

Q:What jobs can I get with a bachelor's in healthcare administration?

A:A bachelor's in health care administration opens up a wealth of career options for people. Some examples are healthcare administrator, clinical administrative coordinator, admissions coordinator, business office supervisor, home care administrator, medical office manager, assistant administrator, health information manager, health informatics specialist, medical health information management technician, health care office staff, medical administration, hospital operations, health care human resources, health care strategy, health service management, facilities management, medical information management and clinical research management etc.

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