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Post Grad Certificates in Healthcare Administration

Overview of the field
A Post-Grad Certificate of Healthcare Administration program serves as an introduction to administrative and management issues in the healthcare sector and equips individuals with the skills and the conceptual knowledge required in administrative positions in this medical capacity.

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Structure and duration of the program
Post-Grad Certificates of Healthcare Administration might take a variable amount of time to complete, depending on the what program type a student chooses. It may be possible to transfer the credits to a Master’s program which takes another year to complete.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework introduces students to the basics of administrative issues in the healthcare sector. Courses include:
Human resource development
Administrative tactics
Leadership skills for administrative staff and supervisors
Health policy
Strategy planning

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
To become eligible for admission into the program, you need a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, which could be from among various disciplines in the healthcare sector. Some universities have certain criteria regarding prior degrees and GPA, but most of the universities have flexible admissions requirements for a Post-Grad certificate. Normally, no externships are required to graduate.

Career prospects and average salary
Post-Grad Certificates of Healthcare Administration are geared towards facilitating the individuals to develop a grasp on the concepts and issues related to administrative positions in the healthcare sector, which is expected to grow by 33% from 2010-2020 according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS further reports that professionals who work as administrators in hospitals, clinics, prisons, nursing homes and shelter homes, such as medical health services managers earned a median annual salary of $92,810 in May 2014.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I obtain Healthcare Administration Post Grad Certificates Programs online?

A:Yes, a number of online institutes offer healthcare administration post grad certification. Online programs usually have the same curriculum as campus based programs. They also offer additional benefits. These programs provide a convenient learning environment to professionals with busy life routines. Also, these programs are usually less costly as compared to campus based programs.

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