Doctoral in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration: An introduction
The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the US. Like all industries, it is keen to explore techniques that will increase the quality and efficiency of patient care while reducing costs. This is where the field of healthcare administration comes in – it focuses on implementing various business management strategies in the healthcare industry, thereby increasing profitability and reducing costs while at the same time improving patient care. It also deals with effectively managing various administrative aspects of the industry, such as finance, personnel management, public relations, and resource management.

How can I get a PhD in healthcare administration?
Numerous colleges around the country offer online and on-campus doctoral degrees in healthcare administration. In order to enroll as a PhD candidate, you must have a master’s degree in a related field such as public health and meet certain experience requirements. The doctorate degree starts off with a number of core courses including economics, biostatistics, environmental health and health management. The candidates then carry out research on an issue being faced by the healthcare industry and present their findings in the form of a thesis. The final step is a dissertation which the candidates have to defend successfully in order to be awarded the doctoral degree.

Why healthcare administration?
Due to the rapidly increasing elderly population in the country, the field of healthcare is expected to grow by more than 33% within the 2010-2020 period, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. People holding a doctoral degree in healthcare administration are in a better position to be employed at large hospitals, private clinics, diagnostic centers, federal and state healthcare organizations and international aid agencies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers earned a median annual wage of $92,810 in May 2014, with those in the top ten percent bracket taking home more than $161,150.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Administration?

Those who already possess a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and wish to advance their career should consider opting for a doctoral degree. There are several universities in the U.S. that offer a 4 to 5-year doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration. This degree is offered either on campus or online as a full/part-time program. For instance, the Central Michigan University, the Walden University and the Franklin University offer an online doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration.

What Are the Requirements for Completing a Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Administration?

The curriculum of this degree commonly includes courses related to Introduction to Health Information Systems, Health Policy, Law & Ethics and  Accounting for Healthcare Professionals, etc. The credit hour requirements for graduation differ from one university to another. For example, students of the doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration offered at the Franklin University must complete 58 credit hours to graduate. On the other hand, students of the same degree offered at the Central Michigan University must complete 63 credit hours to graduate.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Administration?

With a doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration, you can work in managerial positions in private or public hospitals. Medical and Health Services Managers earned $99,730 as annual median income in the year 2018 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on English Composition in the Healthcare Administration doctorate degree program?

A:It is quite common to get to read about the course on English Composition while going through the Healthcare Administration Doctorate programs. This course is worth 2 credits in total and is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the basic level skills of writing in English along with complete comprehension of report writing.

Q:While going through search on Doctoral in Healthcare Administration, I got to know about Pathophysiology for Health Information course. Can you tell me more?

A:You often come across the mention of various programs and courses relevant to the field while going thruogh your search on stuff like Doctoral in Healthcare Administration. Pathophysiology for Health Information course is included in a number of programs related to Healthcare. In this course the students get to study about study of origin of disease.

Q:While searching for all schools offering doctorate in healthcare administration, I came across the requirement of doctoral project. Can you tell me more about it?

A:Doctoral programs have a compulsory project which will test the candidates' potential to undertake research of the most advanced and complex level. This will be done after successful completion of the core courses which provide a rigorous understanding of sample selection, research design and the application of research results. The research project will have to be defended in front of an academic panel. It will be evaluated in terms of model formulation, analytical techniques employed and interpretation of results.

Q:Can I apply for high paying job positions with a Phd in Healthcare Administration?

A:A PhD in Healthcare Administration is one of the highest degrees available in this area. This degree reflects an individual's expertise in healthcare administration. With this qualification, one can apply for executive level job positions in various healthcare organizations. The program qualifies a person for managerial and leadership roles in healthcare administration.

Q:How long will it take me to complete a doctorate in healthcare administration?

A:A doctorate degree in healthcare administration is one of the leading post graduate programs today. This program can be completed in 5 to 7 years. Most of the coursework is advanced and research based. Students undergo a thorough study of healthcare administration areas and compile a research project. The thesis and research holds a critical position in doctorate programs.

Q:Is getting a doctorate in health administration worth all the time?

A:A doctorate in healthcare administration is the highest form of education you can pursue in this field. The program can take anywhere between 5 to 7 years to complete, depending upon your pace and the institute you enroll in. With this qualification, you can expect to pursue high paying leadership jobs, directorship jobs, and managerial jobs in healthcare organizations.

Q:What can you tell me about doctoral programs + healthcare administration?

A:Healthcare administration is a branch of healthcare that is steadily growing. The administrative sector of healthcare is attracting many individuals who wish to pursue managerial jobs in this field. The academic principle is now being offered at all levels of organizations, ranging from bachelor to doctoral degree programs. If you wish to purse high paying administrative jobs in healthcare, a doctoral qualification can help you in achieving your goal.

Q:What do online PhD programs in healthcare administration involve?

A:An online PhD program in healthcare administration is an advanced degree. It involves extensive research based work in the management processes of a health care setting. The students need to present a thesis that has detailed work of their research area. The research areas can be a specific area of healthcare management that can include public health, medical care processes, patient care and human resource management or training of the medical staff.

Q:Is there any benefit after doing bachelors to doctorate in health administration?

A:Doing a doctorate in health care administration opens a numbers of opportunities for individuals to work in big health care facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes. The job market is quite positive and the employment of medical and health services managers is estimated to grow by 23 percent from 2012 to 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, a rate which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Individuals with a PhD in health care administration can command better pay and employment opportunities.

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