Careers in Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding is a field within healthcare. Medical billing professionals deal with billing for medical entities. They may work in an office or remotely. Other aspects in this profession include medical insurance billing, patient billing, office administration, and they look after the processing of claims information. Another responsibility is that they follow up with insurance companies to make sure that the hospital is paid in a timely manner.

Career Prospects
Pursuing careers in Medical Billing and Coding can be quite challenging and potentially turn out to be a stable career option. Medical Billers and Coders work in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, private practices, and labs. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that billing professionals, that includes those working in medical capacities, have a median annual wage of $34,410 as of May 2014. The exact salary for medical billers will depend on their degree level, experience, and geographic location of their workplace.

Educational Requirements

A number of programs are offered for students who want to pursue medical billing and coding career. Associate's degree programs and bachelor's degree programs are offered for this career. Depending on the program, students will learn how insurance claims work in addition to regulatory guidelines and compliance issues. Also, they get information about computerized record keeping, patient discharge, and patient registration and check-in procedures. Coursework includes business communications, case management, and medical reimbursement. Certificate programs are also offered in this area of study.

Online Programs

Online programs make a suitable option for students who want to increase their chances of getting into medical billing and coding careers. These programs are more flexible compared to regular degree and certificate programs offered in this field. Also, they are more affordable than campus based programs. Students can take advantage of distance learning and complete the program at their own pace. The online programs can also be suitable for individuals who are looking to make a career switch alongside their current jobs. Owing to their flexibility, they allow students to continue with their existing routine and pursue careers in medical billing and coding.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long do medical coding programs take?

A:Bachelor's level medical coding programs offered by online educational institutions in the U.S. generally take on average four years of full-time education to complete. However, students can choose to complete their desired qualification in a lot less time provided all graduation requirements are met at the end of the degree program.

Q:Are there some Billing & Coding special schools to become an expert in the profession?

A:There are no special schools teaching Billing and Coding programs only. There are a bunch of schools listed on our website offering online as well as the campus based programs. Here are some of the names of the prestigious institutes offering these programs: Ashworth Career School, Allied School, Florida Career School, and Ultimate Medical School. Programs offered include certificate, associate, and bachelor degrees.

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