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Master in Instructional Technology

You can pursue a promising career in the education sector by earning a Master of Instructional Technology degree. In the present times, education is more dependent on technology than it was in the past. This is why there is an increased demand for professionals having knowledge in instructional technology. You can find prolific jobs in schools, colleges and other businesses by earning a Masters in Instructional Technology degree.

The Scope of Master of Instructional Technology Degree Program
There are various regular as well as online institutes that offer Master of Instructional Technology programs. They require 1 to 3 years to complete. Some of the courses covered in Masters in Instructional Technology degree programs are:
Implementation of emerging technologies
Selection and integration of materials
Visual design principles
Integration of technology into education
Media projects for real-life situations

You can work in school, colleges and the non-profit sector as well as government agencies by having a Master of Instructional Technology degree. If you find an employment opportunity in the corporate sector, your career will certainly gain wings. You will be required to design and implement different educational and training plans for employees.
Once you have this advanced degree, you can work as:

Educational consultant
Instructional material designer
E-learning specialist
Instructional designer
Completing a Master in Instructional Technology program allows you to earn up to $90,000 per year. Also, there are scores of growth opportunities for individuals having a Masters in Instructional Technology degree.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any scholarships for the early childhood education e instructional design jobs?

A:Yes, many institutes offer the scholarships for students with financial hardships, if they are eligible. To get the financial aid such as scholarships it is advised that you apply well before the deadline.

Q:While reading on the Instructional Technology jobs with Masters degree, I came across the course on the Social Impact of Technology. What is taught in the course?

A:It is common to find material on the Social Impact of Technology course of the Instructional Technology jobs with Masters degree. This is a 4 credits worth course and emphasizes on the examination of the broader level of implications that the innovations and improvements and advancements in technology may have on humans, in person or groups.

Q:What are instructional technology masters programs?

A:A masters degree in instructional technology is a two year graduate level degree that aims at preparing students for careers in this field. Instructional technology is a field that combines technology and education. Instructional technologists work towards creating effective education mediums and curriculums that use technology. These degree programs are being offered at many schools. Instructional Technology Masters Programs

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