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Doctoral in Instructional Technology

What is instructional technology?
The field of instructional technology deals with improving the quality of education and training at educational institutions, businesses, industries and other organizations. It also includes curriculum development, selection of books and other instructional materials, assessment of educational programs for quality and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Professionals in the field of instructional technology are also responsible for carrying out research in teaching methods and outline the most effective techniques for instruction. Over the past decade or so, this field has also started focusing on the use of computer based training, distance education and other IT based educational and training programs.

What is the PhD of instructional technology?
The doctoral of instructional technology specialization is designed for the people who wish to carry out educational research, develop better instructional techniques, and design curricula that are in line with current and future needs. The program is designed in an executive fashion with classes being scheduled for the evenings and weekends in order to facilitate working professionals. The core curriculum for the doctorate degree in instructional technology includes analysis of educational concepts, social and cultural factors in education, education leadership, curriculum design, dynamics of learning and education statistics. Students then submit a detailed research paper or thesis to their professors before they can graduate.

What are the future prospects?
A doctorate of instructional technology opens up numerous career opportunities at universities, schools, technical training institutes and professional training organizations. You can also join a state or federal government organization and work for the development of effective strategies for employee training, evaluation and technology integration. Average wages for PhD’s in instructional technology are currently reported to be $115,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the program outline for a Doctoral in Instructional Technology program?

A:The program outline for a Doctoral in Instructional Technology is quite extensive and aims to prepare students in every aspect of discipline. Some of the courses included in this program are Foundation in Leadership for Learning, Advanced Study of Learning, Intercultural Communication and Global Learning, Instructional Design and Technology, Technology and Students Assessment, Instructional Leadership and Technology Facilitation and Critical Issues in Students Learning. The above mentioned are just some of the courses included in this program.

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