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Post Grad Certificates in Instructional Technology

The post grad certificates in Instructional Technology update the skills and knowledge of the students enrolled in the program. The basic aim of the program is to provide competitive edge in the job market. Applicants to the program must have completed graduate level education in instructional technology or a related field before applying for the degree. Instructional Technology post grad certificates are typically one year programs when opted in a traditional campus based institute. However, students wishing to complete the certificate while continuing with their job can get enrolled in the online programs.

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Courses Taught Under Instructional Technology Post Grad Certificate
The program is designed keeping in mind the importance of information technology and the need for professionals in the field of instructional technology to be constantly retrained and reskilled to survive in the competitive corporate world. The curriculum of the Post Grad Certificates in Instructional Technology provides students with the opportunity to remain up to date with different emerging technologies. These consist of information on all basic types of softwares which could be used in the classroom or while creating educational material. The certificate is designed to increase the level of information and efficiency of the students enrolled in the program such that their students benefit from it.

Career Prospects
Students having cleared the post grad certificate in Instructional Technology can work as information architects, instructional designers, change management specialists, training coordinators, technology coordinators, interactive developers, and curriculum designers in any public or private educational institute or in a related industry.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for post grad certificates in instructional technology mentioned a course on Foundations of Educational Technology. What is included in this course?

A:Course on Foundations of Educational Technology would be mentioned when searching for post grad certificates in instructional technology. This course deals with the design and development of the field. Students also learn about foundations of educational technology and how designing curriculums can help students in the long run. More information about this course is available on our website.

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