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About International Business
International Business refers to marketing, finance and trade between different countries. It also includes global business study & analysis and policy formation that regulates the flow of trade around the world. Professionals working in the field of International Business usually work in sales, marketing, logistics or as analysts for consultancy firms. In order to effectively compete in today’s market, it is essential for Americans to be aware of the global balance of finance and trade, to understand the intricate workings of various markets and explore new markets to improve the economy and create jobs back in the United States.

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About the Degree
In order to be competitive and smoothly conduct business abroad, it is essential to have a high level of education. Graduate degrees are quite valued and your qualifications and knowledge are an important selling point that help you make important contacts and may even help you enter into an important deal. Most entry-level positions require a Bachelor of Science in International Business degree, which includes courses such as marketing, economics, finance and trade regulations. Most senior positions in this field list a Master’s degree in International Management or a Master of Business Administration degree with an international business specialization in their eligibility criteria.

Career Prospects
As the world turns into a global village and foreign countries are geared towards opening up their markets through WTO and treaties such as the GATT, the field of international business continues to expand rapidly, and the beneficiaries, mostly the investment firms and venture capitalists as well as MNCs see a windfall of profits. Professionals working in this field, such as business investment analysts and business operations specialists, have median wages of $81,140 and $65,120 as of 2012, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hundreds of private businesses, international agencies and governments employ international business professionals.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the MBA in International Business degree?

A:The MBA in International Business degree is a 3 years program. Exemptions are also granted to those who have a similar prior qualification.

Q:how long International Business degree Masters take to complete if we opt for fast track method?

A:The fast track accelerated MBA International Business degree program takes around 2 years to complete.

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