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The field of international business deals with trade and business activities between different countries around the world. International business activities include marketing, foreign investment, overseas manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management, strategic planning, and financial and risk management. As a result, the volume of trade between countries has increased rapidly, allowing companies to market products worldwide and increase the consumer base, decrease the cost of manufacturing, and increase profitability.

International Business Certificate prepares students to develop a sound understanding of the complexities that exist in the international business world.  With the certificate program, students are likely to develop and enhance their ability to work strategically in an international business environment. The program is geared toward enhancing analytical and decision making skills of students in functional areas such as marketing, finance, multinational operations, and human resource management.  These programsare specially designed to meet the latest requirements of international business markets.

Degree Outcomes

A strong foundation of international business can enable students to emerge as effective global leaders in the field of international business. Students can expect the following outcomes with the completion of certificate:
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of global economy
  • Diverse opportunities after graduation
  • Business skills applicable to various social and cultural settings

Who Should Apply?

The certificate program is aimed for students who wish to pursue a career in international business. It is also helpful for professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and government employees who would like to acquire international business skills and strategies.  Individuals acquiring new positions in the field can benefit from the program as it will help them in carrying out international business transactions competently. Students may also have a choice to study and pursue their career simultaneously.

Major Courses

There are a certain number of core courses necessary to complete the International Business Certificate. These required courses serve as a foundation and prepare students for specialization courses. Although, coursework can vary from one program to another, following are some of the major courses that are a part of the International Business Certificate program.

International Trade and Policy

This course will give students a practical know-how of the relationship between international trade theory and policy. Theory emphasizes on the causal factors that affect trade and economic transactions, while policy includes the role of government in influencing the conduct of international trade and investment. Governments are known for regulating, restricting, and promoting international trade transactions.

International Marketing Management

This course is designed for students to utilize fundamental marketing techniques and form strategies that are suitable for an ever-changing global market.  Students will learn about techniques related to entering global markets and conducting market research. They will also acquire skills to develop strategies for product, pricing, promotion, and distribution in global markets.

Global Organizational Behavior and International Human Resource Management

It is important for students to have an understanding that people play a key role in a global enterprise. This course will focus on the functions of organizations and how they can be seen as working systems of employees aiming to achieve common objectives. Students will also study the role of expatriates and foreign managers, as a part of multinational and global organization.

International Logistics

Companies are in need of professionals who can effectively manage their global supply chains. Therefore, this course trains students in various areas of supply chain such as organizational, operational, and strategic aspects. Students learn to make use of a number of concepts, models, and analytical tools to plan and make supply chain into an inter-linked system that also emphasizes on risks and tradeoffs. Major topics in the course include supply chain design and delivery, role of third party logistic providers, strategic alliances, and risk management.

International Finance

This course looks at finance from an international perspective and emphasizes on topics such as controlling exchange rate risks and financing multinational corporations. Major topics covered in the course include capital flows, institutions and instruments, international financial environment, and foreign exchange operations. Students have the opportunity to gain working knowledge of practical applications that include theory, techniques, and practice of international finance.

Global Business Strategy

This course is designed for students to acquire a managerial perspective on corporate opportunities and challenges that are present in investment systems, global trade, and competition.  Students will acquire knowledge about the dynamic patterns in international and global business. They will analyze imports and exports, monetary relationships, and foreign direct investment.


Students must look for accredited programs to acquire an International Business Certificate. Although, an accredited program does not guarantee jobs for graduates, it can facilitate the process. Accreditation indicates the quality of an educational institution or a program. Students acquire the following key benefits from an accredited program:
  • It continuously reviews and improves its quality
  • It meets nationally accepted standards in the profession
  • It is answerable for achieving the objectives it has set out
  • Employers prefer candidates with accredited program qualification

International Business Careers

With a degree in International Business, students can opt for a number of careers. Some of the key careers that graduates can acquire after the degree are mentioned below.

International Accountant

If you find accounting an interesting field, you can utilize your international business degree to become an international accountant. However, this career requires you to have additional qualification such as a master’s degree in accounting, along with a bachelor’s in international business.  Since accounting standards may vary from one country to another, companies require international accountants in knowing tax laws and currency exchanges, as well as reading and creating financial statements according to other country’s laws and specifications.

Import/Export Compliance Specialist (Or Customs Compliance)

You can find this job in both the federal government and private sector.  As an import/export compliance specialist, you can also work for several companies as an independent contractor. A compliance specialist is responsible for maintaining the compliance of imports and exports by following both domestics and international regulatory law. The most rewarding jobs for compliance specialists are normally found in federal government.

International Economist

International economists study the market, analyze trends, and work on projects on an international level. Companies working in the international market or those looking to start their business require economists to keep an eye on the trends, analyze economies, and forecasts. This is not an entry level position but you can acquire this position by working your way up in a finance or marketing department.

Management Analyst

Management analysts are also known as management consultants. Their major tasks include analyzing company operations, looking at efficiencies, assessing profitability, and studying the company structure. An international business degree can enable a management consultant to recommend how international divisions of the company can be enhanced. This position may require you to travel frequently or live abroad, in order to personally study company segments and analyze their functions.

International Banker

International business graduates can also look for positions related to international banking.  You may find employment at a local bank with foreign accounts or work at a foreign bank that also has business in your country. You will have a number of options in international banking such as banking operations, finance, and consulting. Although, many international banking jobs require advanced credentials, in the end they can set professionals on a rewarding career path.

How long does it take to get an International Business Certificate?

A certificate program generally involves completing three to four courses, which makes a total of twelve to eighteen credit hours. Certificate programs can take anywhere from nine months to three years depending on whether you are a full-time or a part-time student and the credit hours you take in a semester.

What are the requirements to get an International Business Certificate?

The requirements to get a certificate in International Business include taking eighteen credit hours in business or related courses. Some of the courses you may need to pass in order to complete your program include  global supply chain management, international finance and global marketing. In addition to this, students must take some non-business courses e.g. in anthropology or commerce and have one year of international experience. These requirements do not apply to every program.

How much can I make with an International Business Certificate?

A certificate alone will not be enough qualification to apply for most positions in the business sector. However, a certificate can add to your value after you have completed your bachelor's or graduate degree in business. A lot of students of business end up in management positions. The median annual wage for all management positions as of May 2018 was $104,240 - a higher salary than most other major occupations.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for graduate certificate in international business mentioned a course in principals of international business. What would I learn in this course?

A:Course on principals of international business would be mentioned when searching for graduate certificate in international business. This course is worth 3 credit hours and deals with dimensions of international business. In this 3 credit hour course students also learn about the global business environment and international business functions. This sector has huge potential with students finding employment in both federally administered and private organizations.

Q:What is the main objective of a Certificate In International Business?

A:A Certificate In International Business is designed to basically fulfill the following purposes: provide students with kno0wledeg of the ever changing business economy, teach them how to tackle changing global trends, develop strategic management plans to meet the demands for future trends, evaluate current circumstances and predict with accuracy, use technology to enhance business decisions, and successfully manage organizational operations.

Q:What is the duration of the certificate international business?

A:The Certificate of International Business can be completed in 1 year if opted in a campus based institute. However, it can be completed in more or less than 1 year by getting enrolled in the online program. Online certificate allows students to take as much time as they see fit to complete the degree.

Q:How can I benefit from certificate programs in international business?

A:Both the fresh graduates and experienced professionals can benefit from the certificate programs in international business. These programs cultivate the skills and knowledge you require for the fast paced business world. With the certificate, you can make the best use of available business opportunities and increase the consumers for your product or service.

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