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Associates Degree in Customer Service

Customer service programs instruct students in dealing with customers. Learners in these courses learn to handle queries and complaints, making sure that they satisfy the customers in the best possible manner.

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If you have strong communication and interpersonal skills, this line of work could be suitable for you. To get into the field of customer service, it is preferable to earn a college degree. You can pursue an associate, bachelor or master's degree in this field, depending on your educational and professional goals. If you want to get into this field at the entry-level, an associate degree can improve your chances of doing so.

Associate Degree in Customer Service

The associate in customer service can help you qualify for a number of entry-level positions in this field. This program can also help you prepare for a bachelor's degree in this discipline.

In this degree program, you will get to know how to deal with customers, handle the helpdesk telephone line, manage complaints and satisfy customers. To enroll in an associate program, you must hold a high school diploma or equivalent.

Curriculum in Associate in Customer Service

The associate program will instruct you in various management practices and customer service skills. Some of the courses you will cover in these programs include ethics, mathematics, economics and quality assurance. You will also learn computer skills, communication skills, and conflict management.

Online Degrees

The associate in customer service is also offered by distance learning schools. The online programs can be a suitable option for the ones who cannot attend regular classes. As these programs are very flexible, they can be a great learning route for individuals who want to switch careers. They can enroll in an online associate degree program from any location and study at timings that suit their personal routine. Online programs are also more affordable compared to degrees offered at regular schools.

Using learning technologies such as emails, video conferencing, online libraries, online databases and more, students in the online degree programs in customer service can study, prepare assignments, participate in group discussions and communicate with instructors and classmates in an easy and convenient manner. The use of these tools provides students with flexibility, as well as allows them to engage in other activities, such as family-time or a professional life alongside their educational pursuits.

Continuing Education

Bachelor's and master's degrees are also available in this area. Pursuing advanced programs can help learners qualify for senior-level positions in this field. The advanced degrees may include courses dealing with customer behavior, specialized information technology developing and using customer service databases and strategic and performance planning and analysis. Students also get in-depth knowledge in personnel supervision, marketing and communication skills.

Employment Opportunities

Customer service professionals can serve in a wide array of fields such as insurance firms, banks, retail companies, and telecom companies. Graduates of an associate degree in custom service can also become food service managers, call center operators or customer service representatives. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, customer service representatives have a median annual wage of $30,580, where as as food and beverage managers reportedly earn a median wage of $47,960 each year as of May 2012.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Associate Degree in Customer Service?

There are many schools, such as the Rio Salado College, that are offering an associate's degree in customer service. Students can enroll in an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Quality Customer Service, which can be completed within 1 year. In this program, students are taught how to identify external and internal customers, how to understand them and interact positively with them, how to implement and monitor service standards and ways to create a memorable customer service experience.

What Are the Requirements to Complete an Associate Degree in Customer Service?

In order to obtain an Associate of Science (AAS) in Customer Service, students are expected to complete around 61-64 credits. They have to study courses like Workplace Communication Skills, Quality Customer Service, Business Communication, Elements of Inter-Cultural Communication, and Professional Development. If you are passionate about pursuing a career with high customer contact, then this is a good field for you.

How Much Can I Make after Completing an Associate Degree in Customer Service?

After completing an associate's degree in customer service, individuals can pursue their careers as Customer Service Representative. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Customer Service Representative earned an annual median pay of $33,750 in 2018. In 2016, the number of jobs in the field was 2,784,500. Also, the employment in this field is predicted to increase by 5%.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Managerial Finance in the Associate in Customer Service?

A:The Associate in Customer Service degree programs have dedicated course on Managerial Finance. This course is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the financial theories that are needed for better management. Students are further provided with strong hands one experience that is needed for better learning of the course.

Q:Will a customer service associate degree allow me to progress to a Bachelor program?

A:An associate degree is a two year study program that will allow successful graduates to apply for a bachelor program. These programs are more comprehensive than certificate programs as they involve a much longer period of study. Such an associate program will allow you to work and study at the same time.

Q:Will an associate customer service degree be more useful for my career than a certificate program?

A:A certificate program is a focused study on a particular topic or subject. Typically such programs last less than 6 months and give a student a rather narrow view on a particular subject. An associate degree typically lasts 2 years and provides a much more comprehensive academic study of the subject.

Q:Can you tell me benefits of online customer service associate degrees?

A:An online customer service associate degree offers numerous advantages for potential students. For working professionals, an online associate degree in customer service can work towards enhancing the skill set and opening more career opportunities for them. Individuals get to study without disrupting their work routines, at their own pace and time. Online degrees also tend to be more cost effective than full time on campus programs as students get to save on transportation costs.

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