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Degree Completion in Graphic Design and Multimedia

About Graphic Design & Multimedia
The field of graphic design & multimedia deals with planning, analyzing and creating illustrations, animations and various images for communication and advertising purposes. Professionals in this field fuse technology, creativity and photography to create eye-catching images, videos and publications. They work closely with clients to prepare a final product that will portray a certain message and appeal to customers. It is extremely important to consider cultural, social, cognitive and physical factors when creating new designs. Every large business and government agency employs scores of graphic designers for advertising purposes.

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About the Degree
The basic degree required in this field is a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Multimedia or Animation or a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Graphic Arts. These four year degrees include courses in areas such as visual communication, new media marketing, web based marketing, computer aided design, 3D drawing, and studio art. Students can also take additional classes in photography or film making. Those interested in obtaining a higher degree can enroll in a Master’s degree in graphics & multimedia. This degree allows specializations in the areas of publication design, game development, animation and web design.

Career Prospects
Due to the increased access to the internet and digital & print media around the world, the field of graphic design & multimedia is growing at an extremely high rate around the world. Job opportunities increase by about 13% every year; and graphic designers and multimedia professionals earn an average of $76,000 per year. Most people in this field are employed in advertising agencies, followed by the computer games industry, newspapers and TV production companies.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is taught in the Homepage and Content Development course of the degree completion web design school?

A:The Homepage and Content Development course offered at the Degree Completion Web Design School in United States is of 3 credits. This course trains students on understanding the usage of page templates, blurbs and headlines, search engine optimization techniques, coding of sheets, how international sites function, management of the content on message boards, etc. All of this is added along with hands on practical experience.

Q:What is the main purpose of an adult degree completion in design? How is it useful?

A:Adult degree completion programs are designed to qualify individuals who were unable to complete their higher studies. In today's fast moving era, many students are forced to drop out of college for job purposes. To help such individuals complete their education and increase job opportunities, degree completion programs have been made available.

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