Digital Design Certificate

Introduction to Digital Design
Digital Design, also sometimes known as Graphics Design, is defined as a creative procedure that involves a designer and a client and is undertaken to convey and put forward a specific type of message(s). These messages are intended for a specific class of audience. It may also be overlapped with other similar fields such as visual communications or visual presentations.

Various methods may be used in the digital design course, which may include symbols, images or even words. Many of the digital designers around the globe use techniques such as visual arts, page layout and typography in order to come with the final results. Some of the most common applications of digital design course are in areas such as branding, website designing, publications, product packaging and advertisements.

Digital Design Certificate
Many of the most renowned design schools in the United States offer the Digital Design Certificate program, which is intended primarily for those who wish to become a Digital Designer. Having said this, it is also of much use to professionals of other fields, such as business and marketing. Since it is a certificate program, it comes with much flexibility, meaning that you can choose exactly which courses to study from and how long you want the certification to last.

There are basically 3 Core courses of the Digital Design Certificate program, which are mandatory to be studied. These are:

  • Color Systems
  • Photoshop I: Foundations
  • Photoshop II: Essentials

Each of the above stated courses is of around $450 and is comprehensive enough to get you a kick start. Upon completion of the Core courses, you can choose from two tracks, or both! These two tracks are:
  • Graphic Production Track – Illustrator: Foundations & Essentials, InDesign: Fundamentals & Essentials, Graphic Print Production and Print Project Workflow
  • Web Production Track – Dreamweaver: Foundations & Essentials, Flash: Foundations & Essentials, Information Architecture and Website Usability

Just like the Core courses, these also cost around $450 per course and are comprehensive enough to make you become a Digital Designer.
Final Verdict
The Digital Design Certificate is a premium qualification if you wish to embark in the field of digital graphic designing. The online variant, also known as distance learning can also provide ample flexibility in getting certification in such an area of study. 

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Internet Marketing in the Digital Design certificate programs?

A:The Digital Design Certificate programs have dedicated course on Internet Marketing. This course usually is of around 2 credits in total. It is structured to offer students with strong understanding of the framework that is needed by the students in how to implement better strategies for marketing over the internet. Students are also given hands on experience in this course.

Q:Should I go for an online certificate in digital design?

A:There are plenty of advantages of an online education and you should definitely consider it very seriously. Online certification will allow you to pace yourself according to your convenience and your current schedule wouldn't be affected much. Moreover generally speaking online education is more economical as compared to the traditional modes of education.

Q:What are some of the courses that I will study in the digital design diploma?

A:While different institutions have their own curriculums there are some basic courses that will be taught by most schools. Some of the basic courses are Fundamentals of Design, Introduction of Web Design, Typography, Electronic Design, Design Principles, Digital Image Manipulation, Interactive Portfolio Design, Design Illustrations, Concept Development and Portfolio management.

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