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Associate in Graphic Design and Multimedia

If you are looking for a creative career where you can put your artistic abilities to good use, then a graphic design and multimedia program may be just the thing for you. Graphic design refers to the visual communication of information or ideas using aesthetically pleasing combinations of text and images. Multimedia is the combination of various kinds of media including text, graphics and sound. Graphic designing is used in websites, newspaper and magazine layouts, advertising, animations and logo creations.

Program Structure and Coursework
An Associate of graphic design and multimedia program can be completed in two years. Students learn about different concepts in art and design. Also taught is the use of computer applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Students learn about drawing and typography too. The theory and techniques of graphic design are also taught. Art history, sculpture and visual communications related courses are part of the curriculum too. Graphic design and multimedia programs teach students to create print advertisements, website designs, animations and more. Students build up a portfolio during the course of a program which is essential during the hiring process.

Careers in Graphic Design and Multimedia
An Associate of graphic design and multimedia degree can prepare you for entry level jobs with advertising agencies, web design firms, publishers and digital media studios, among others. Jobs can be found as a graphic designer, production artist, web designer or logo designer among other options. The average salary for someone with an Associate degree in this field is between 29,000 to 38,000 US dollars.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I came across the reference of Sustainable Design course while reading an article on skills needed to be a Graphic Designer. What is it about?

A:You often come across the mention of various courses such as Sustainable Design while reading articles on skills needed to be a Graphic Designer. In Sustainable Design course, the students will get to study about the importance and impact of designing for sustainability. The course also provides the students knowledge of sustainable technology.

Q:Can you tell me if I should go for associates in graphic design or a bachelor's degree?

A:The choice between an associate and a bachelor's degree in graphic design depends on your educational requirements and career goals. If you are looking for a good foundation and entry level position, an associate's degree is preferable. However, if you want a strong foundation and broad knowledge, a bachelor's degree will be much more suitable for you.

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