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There has been an explosive growth in the number of personal computers (PCs) over the past two decades. Nowadays, a personal computer is an essential part of a home and is used for social networking, e-shopping, emailing, word processing, and even e-learning. However, computers, like all other electronic items, cannot perform perfectly for years on end. Problems develop with their software and hardware components; hence, PC repair and maintenance is an ongoing process. The demand for skilled computer repair technicians has led to many people opting for PC repair degrees. Moreover, many schools are also offering first-rate online PC repair programs that are quite convenient for people with commuting difficulties.

Scope of PC Repair Degrees
PC repair degrees range from certificate programs to associate and bachelor degrees. There is a considerable demand for computer repair technicians and so in many situations, even a year-long diploma is considered sufficient for eligibility. However, earning a bachelor's degree in this field can potentially lead to better paid jobs and management-level positions. This is because baccalaureate programs have a broad-based curriculum that is integral for managing information technology departments of large-scale organizations. As computer networks are a central part of the modern economy, many people are specializing in network repair and engineering to address networking issues such as security and reliability. Online PC repair programs offered by a number of schools are a good way of enhancing the existing skills in computer repair; however, computer repair is more about practice so it is very important to gain hands-on experience by working in computer repair settings. Moreover, many employers and even PC owners look for individuals with certifications such as a CompTIA A+ certification when hiring a computer repair technician.

The curriculum of a program leading to PC repair programs usually consists of the following courses:

  • Computer Hardware
  • Networking Protocols
  • Network Topology
  • Computer Softwares
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Recovery
  • PC Repair and Troubleshooting

Career Prospects
People specializing in PC repair can find jobs in the IT departments of various types of organizations. They can also open their own computer repair shops and provide their services to customers. They can also work from home. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2012, the median annual salary of PC repair persons was $36,620. The income is likely to increase with experience and further education.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on eBusiness Strategy in the online PC Repair degree programs?

A:The Online PC Repair degree programs have dedicated course on eBusiness. This course is worth 2 credits n total and is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the role that information technology plays in maintaining as well as gaining the competitive advantage. Students are also highlighted on ample levels of hands on experience.

Q:What is the mode of learning for PC repair online programs?

A:PC repair online programs prepare an individual for technical management of computer operations including the software and hardware components. Many prefer on campus programs but technological development has eased the process of online learning. With video streaming, conference calls and other methods of online communication this programs can be taken online and completed at your own pace.

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