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Associate in Pc Repair

Pc repair technicians are responsible for troubleshooting computer systems. They also install additional software and make sure that computers in offices, homes and other settings are in perfect condition. In addition to repairing computer systems, these technicians may also repair printers, disc drives, servers, and other types of peripheral equipment. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that pc repairers will see a continued demand for their services as computer parts need replacing. The BLS also noted that as companies modernize and make use of new technologies, the demand for computer repairers will continue to soar.

What PC Repair Technicians Do

Pc repair technicians repair and service computer parts, network connections and computer equipment. They visit their clients in response to service requests and also carry out a number of administrative tasks, including completing work order forms. Explaining the basic functions of machines and equipment to customers, replacing malfunctioning machine parts and testing installed systems are some additional responsibilities of these workers.

Associate in PC Repair

A number of training programs are available for aspiring pc repairers. They can pursue certificate or degree programs and learn how to install software and maintain systems. An associate degree in pc repair may also be available. Several junior colleges, technical institutes and vocational schools offer these programs and provide students with comprehensive training in this area of study. In addition to classroom-based lessons, students in an associate degree may also get practical training in installing, maintaining and repairing computers.

Some of the courses students can take in an associate degree in pc repair are computer networks, troubleshooting computer microprocessors, and soldering electrical components on circuit boards.

Online Associate Degree in Pc Repair

Students who want to become pc repairer can enroll in an associate degree online. The online programs may allow them to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. Students in the programs may acquire the skills required to become a pc repairer without setting foot on campus. They may study without effecting their individual routine and complete a degree at their own pace.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates who want to enroll in an associate degree in pc repair should hold a highly diploma or its equivalent. Having a background in computer program or graphic design can also be useful. Other admission requirements may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities

A degree in pc repair can help you become computer network support technician, pc repair technician or help desk technician. These workers generally work in well-ventilated offices because computers and office machines are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Some repairers work on-site and travel to numerous locations to install or repair systems while others work in repair shops. Most pc repair technicians work full time but others may work on part time basis.

Skills for Pc Repairers

Pc repair technicians should have strong analytical skills as they are often required to solve issues with no standard solutions. Communication skills and information technology skills are also critical for these professionals. Troubleshooting skills are also useful for pc repairers.

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