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Certificate in Pc Repair

A certificate program in pc repair provides students with the skills to find entry-level jobs in the IT sector and serve as pc repair technicians or computer support specialists. The program focuses on providing candidates with knowledge on installing software and troubleshooting computer systems.

According to the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pc repairers will see continued demand for their services, as computer parts will need maintenance and replacing on a perpetual basis. Organizations also require hardware upgrades that require the expertise of these workers. The demand for computer support specialists is also expected to rise between 2012 and 2022 (BLS). This is why earning a pc repair certificate can be useful for those who want to get into this field and potentially find work opportunities.

Featured Programs

Certificate in Pc Repair

Certificate programs in pc repair provide students with training in network connections, computer equipment and service and repair computer parts. Students learn about a number of operating systems and software packages. Earning this certificate may help students find work in repair shops. They may also have the option of traveling to on-site location and repair computers.

Program Coursework

Students in the pc repair programs can take courses in computer networks, soldering electrical components on circuit boards and troubleshooting computer microprocessors. Besides, the programs also provide instruction in optimizing operating systems, drivers and storage capacities. Students learn how to assemble computer systems as well.

Online Certificate in Pc Repair

Online programs are also available for students who want to work towards a certificate in pc repair. Students in the online certificate courses in this area of study get a chance to study using a number of learning technologies. Instructors provide lectures on the web and students can submit their assignments using elearning software or emails.

Career Prospects

Students who complete a pc repair certificate may work as a pc repairer, help desk technician or computer support specialists. They may work from a fixed location or travel to clients’ homes or offices. Opportunities are also available in computer systems design and related services, educational services, telecommunications as well as finance and insurance.

Employment of computer support specialists is projected to grow 17% from 2012 to 2022, according to the BLS. The median annual wage for computer network support specialists in 2014 was $47,660 (BLS).


After earning a pc repair certificate, candidates can continue their training by pursuing an associate degree in this area of study. A number of junior colleges, technical institutes and vocational schools offer the associate programs in pc repair and provide students with in-depth training in the field. Students in the advanced programs may also get a chance to gain hands-on training that would help them learn how to install, maintain and repair computers.

Advanced credentials in pc repair may help candidates in becoming managers in the computer support services department. Some pc repair technicians or computer support specialists with advanced degrees qualify to work as network and computer systems administrators and software developers.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is there any benefit of taking the online computer repair certification?

A:Online Computer Repair Certification programs have a number of benefits when compared to the campus based institutes. Online schools allow students to take as much time as they want to complete the program with the flexibility of scheduling their own classes. Students work on the program at a pace of their own. They do not have to rush to make up to the speed of the entire class.

Q:What courses topics are included in the pc repair certification?

A:Students attempting the pc repair certification will be required to attempt a number of courses. Some of the topics included in this certification are Operating system fundamentals, The Installation Process, Networking, Operating System Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Addressing Window Problems. Prospective students interested in this certification are advised to search our website for an extensive list of online institutions.

Q:Individuals with a computer repair certificate are expected to perform what kind of tasks as a computer reapair technician?

A:Individuals with a certificate in computer repair are expected to perform the following tasks in this profession: resolve problems related to PC malfunctioning, provide technical assistance, reapir and set up equipment, installing networking cables, maintaining computer systems, upgrade systems, and ensure maximum efficiency. Computer repair technicians are required in almost every firm that uses computer technology as a main part of their running.

Q:What kind of skills do you learn in a computer repair certification program?

A:A Computer Repair Certification program not opnly provides students with theoratical information but also develops certain skills essential for the occupation. These skills have been mentioned here: team working skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, analysis skills, project management skills, customer service skills, and the ability to work under pressure.

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