Wood Education

Wood education provides training in designing wood based products. It is ideal training for those who would like to work in designing furniture and handicrafts. Wood education covers both the technical skills required to cut and design wood, as well as the artistic skills needed to develop aesthetically pleasing products.

What will I learn in wood education?

Wood education will start by teaching you about the different forms of wood that you will encounter in the profession. You will learn about their sources so you can be an effective purchasing agent in this sector. You will learn to distinguish between forms of wood by appearance, quality and strength. Some forms of wood are easier to cut, others are easier to mould into the required shape, still others are easiest to polish. Wood education will allow you to pick the best wood for a particular function.
You will then learn how to cut and shape different kinds of wood. Wood education will teach you about different tools used in the profession and safety procedures that should be followed. In addition to this technical exposure, wood education will give you practice in developing designs for every occasion. You will be exposed to common techniques and strategies used by renowned wood artists.  

Wood education will enhance your practical experience by gradually moving you through projects of increasing sophistication. You will start with simple structures such as the carving of small posts. You will gradually move up to handicrafts and small tables. The focus in wood education is not on teaching your formulas that work in all circumstance. The purpose is to increase your confidence to experiment and be comfortable brainstorming in new situations.
Once you have some experience in cutting and design, wood education will focus on varnish and polish. You will learn how to make your products more attractive. You will understand the relatives pros and cons of different methods. By the end you should have the ability to develop products from end to end complete with finishing
Ultimately those who want to work professionally in the wood industry also need some amount of business skill. They will have to sell and market their products and often manage teams working on projects of a large scale. Wood education thus generally includes sufficient business training to deal with such situations.

Can I receive my wood education online?

Online wood education has become a reality. You can enroll in classes through an online school. Class lectures can be downloaded as videos which you can watch whenever you are ready. An online wood education is thus a good fit for the student who may be busy for part of the day and would like to watch the lectures at convenient times. Online wood education also spares you the time and effort of journeying to a college campus.

What are my job prospects after wood education?

Wood education prepares you for specialized jobs in the design and furniture industries. Many hobbyists find that completing wood education prepares them to translate their hobby into a full-time business venture.

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Q:Are the Technology Education Wood projects available online?

A:The Technology Education offered at Wood can be studied online.

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