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Introduction to German Language
German language is a rich and popular language. It is also one of the world's mostly widely spoken first languages. Millions of people in the European Union speak German as their first or second language. There are more than 120 million people across the globe whose mother tongue is German. And there are more than 80 million people that have learnt German language as a secondary language.

Germany is home to the German language. Approximately 97% of the entire population of Germany speaks this language. German language is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland where almost 75% of the entire population understand and can communicate in German language. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia and Kazakhstan are also countries that have a large community of people that speak German language.

Learn German
There is a variety of different methods to learn German language. To learn German is an exciting as well as a tedious task. The following are the main ways to learn German language:

  • Community colleges and junior colleges. German classes are offered by a majority of community colleges and junior colleges all across America. Learn German language is easy if you are enrolled in the beginners’ classes that are offered at the community colleges and junior colleges. Advanced level German language classes are also offered. But the prerequisite is that a student successfully passes the preliminary and basic “learn German” classes. To learn German language in written form is different than to learn the German language in the verbal form. Both classes are offered at the community and junior college level.
  • Gothe institutes / German Centers. The government of Germany has opened up German centers which are also known as Goethe institutes all across the world. German centers offer a variety of different “learn German” courses. In fact, the German centers also offer different certifications and diplomas associated with the German language. To learn the German language through the German Center is an excellent and sound way to properly comprehend the language. Professional instructors and certified trainers are always available to educate the students regarding the language.
  • Online learning programs. Hundreds of thousands of people learn the German language through online learning programs. Online learning programs are an extremely beneficial way to learn the German language. Basic level courses to advanced courses are all offered online.
  • Dedicated instructors. People also learn German language through dedicated instructors that give one-to-one sessions. The benefit of the one-to-one session is that the vocabulary and grammar is particularly focused on and the student gets a comprehensive learning experience

Benefits to learn the German language
The following are the main benefits to learn German language:

  • Germany is one of the most industrious and largest manufacturing giants of important goods that are shipped all across the world. German engineering is recognized and highly valued. Majority of the countries do business with the German government. It is very important for people who are looking to open up business opportunities with Germany to learn the German language.
  • Traveling across Europe. Millions of people travel across Europe. Since the German language is spoken, it is highly recommended for people who are visiting Europe to learn that German language.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:If I Learn German language, what organizations can I join as a professional?

A:German language courses are offered by numerous language schools. The job opportunities are vast and offer a great career. With qualifications in German language you can join the tourism industry as a guide or hospitality manager, you can apply in government agencies as a translator, you can pursue a teaching career in educational institutions, if you're in the US then you can apply for jobs in the diplomatic service agency. Other popular career options include international marketing managers, market specialists, trade specialist etc.

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