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Introduction to French Language
French language is referred to as one of the most romantic languages in the world. Approximately 136 million people speak this beautiful language worldwide. The French language is spoken in 57 countries across the world. Interestingly, French is also the official language of 29 countries. Much of the world history and internationally acclaimed poetry has also been written by French historians and poets. Millions of books written in French have been translated into different languages to signify the importance of French literature. Many people learn French experience the essence of French culture and comprehend its impact on many civilizations around the globe.

Advantages of learning French
The following are the top five reasons to learn French:

  • International language. People who learn French automatically realize the benefits once they set foot on European soil. French civilizations and cultures are extremely proud of their heritage and culture. These communities take pride in conversing in French. For foreigners to easily communicate and transact with people, a basic French lesson is mandatory.
  • Appreciation of art and culture. French history is full of magical moments. They have conquered many lands and have dominated a large portion of history. People who are fascinated with history and art are highly recommended to learn French. In fact, many of the colleges and universities that teach international studies and history recommend and facilitate their students to Learn French. Majority of colleges and universities also offer various programs for students to learn French at a regional institute in France.
  • Personal growth. Learning another language is not only fun but also extremely rewarding in terms of enhancing a particular skill set. Becoming sound in speaking and writing different languages is a skill set that very few people are able to accomplish.
  • A Foreign Office career path. Students who pursue to learn French find ample jobs in the foreign offices. Foreign offices are always in search of talented individuals who can translate their local language into French. The salaries are competitive and one also gets to travel across the world.
  • Extensive travel and commerce. Individuals, communities, societies, and corporations that plan on doing business with any of the 26 countries are highly recommended to become a fluent in French language. To learn French becomes a mandatory prerequisite.

Learn French
Students who are interested to learn the French language can pursue their interests in the following ways:

  • CD-ROM/ multimedia application. Hundreds of different multimedia applications are available from stores and the online market that assist the students to learn French. This CD-ROM educational system allows a student to learn French step-by-step. The multimedia applications educate the students about the grammar and vocabulary of the French language before they begin the basic structural and grammatical lessons. This is an excellent way to learn French.
  • Community colleges and junior colleges. Various courses are available to junior colleges and community colleges to learn French. Basic level courses to advance courses are available are offered at these institutes to learn French.
  • French institutes. Enrolling in the French classes that are offered at various French institutes in your local community is also an excellent way to learn French.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I Learn French online through online courses?

A:Yes you can learn French through online French programs. These are offered by numerous colleges and universities. You can take online French classes without having to go to campus based schools. Conference classroom online, online lecture studies, online reading materials, recorded audio lessons, and multimedia presentations are a few of the popular mediums used for online education.

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