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Arabic is a Semitic language that has influenced and lent words to many languages including English, Portuguese, Persian, Hebrew, and Spanish. Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and Colloquial Arabic are the three primary variants of Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic is widely used in media and print across the Middle East and North Africa. Students should take care while selecting a course or program, especially if they are learning Arabic to converse with people from a particular region, as there are many different dialects of Arabic around the globe. Arabic spoken in one region of the world might be unintelligible in another. There are a number of language schools that specialize in offering courses in colloquial Arabic including popular variants such as Egyptian, Gulf, Levantine, and Maghrebi Arabic.

Arabic Courses for Beginners
If you are traveling to an Arabic speaking country or need to learn Arabic as a part of your work, there is a wide variety of programs and courses you can choose from. Beginner level Arabic courses are available for both adults and children. These courses start with Arabic alphabet and vocabulary, and slowly phase into grammar, phrases, expressions, and basic sentence construction. Students also learn to pronounce words and read short sentences. Many courses use audio tapes to teach students to converse in Arabic. These tapes feature simple but effective dialogues in Arabic. Interactive multimedia, software, and video presentations are also used by Arabic language schools extensively.

Advantages of Online Programs

Online Arabic learning programs are available at all levels of education. In addition to being cheaper compared to on-campus programs, these courses allow students to study at their pace and schedule. Online education programs also enable you to study while working, without having to compromise your job schedule and routine. Advancements in technology have enabled online schools to create a classroom-like environment with interactive social discussion groups and live video streams of lectures. Interactive multimedia and software are extensively used to assist students with learning and speaking Arabic properly. Most of these courses provide audio files, multimedia, and reading material for free.

Arabic Language Degrees

Many universities and language schools award degrees and diplomas in Arabic language. You can major in Arabic language and literature during your undergraduate studies or even pursue a master's degree. Distance learning programs are ideal for students who wish to earn advanced degrees from renowned Arabic language universities in Egypt and Syria. Students can also specialize in advanced branches of Arabic linguistics such as semantics and Arabic phonology. There are even a few programs that focus on the art of Arabic calligraphy. 

Job Opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities for Arabic graduates. People with education in Arabic language can work as translators and interpreters, both of which are lucrative career paths. Teaching is also an excellent option for people who complete their studies in Arabic. Individuals representing their county or company in an Arabic speaking nation can also benefit from these courses. Many private and corporate organizations hire Arabic graduates to communicate with their clients in the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I get a master degree in Arabic online?

A:Several universities and schools offer Master's Degrees in Arabic Language Online. Distance learning programs include interactive class room lectures, discussions and group projects. Students can see video streams of lectures online. You can also download course material and interact with your instructors for help.

Q:What jobs can students avail after earning an online masters in Arabic degree?

A:There are a number of great jobs that students can get with degrees in any foreign language. The job positions that may be offered to students with online masters in Arabic degree include: teacher/educator, translator, journalist, foreign correspondent, trainer in government agencies, working with international businesses, working in international affairs dept, and working in the military.

Q:What courses are included in the curriculum of masters in Arabic online degree program.

A:A master’s degree in Arabic is a two year graduate level program that is offered at a number of universities and schools. The curriculum is geared towards making students proficient in this language with a strong hold on its verbal and written aspects. The curriculum comprises of various courses such as translation and interpretation, Arabic literature, geopolitics of the Arab world, Arabic media, classical Arabic, modern standard Arabic, Arabic dialects, and many more courses.

Q:I am planning to learn Arabic but require beginner level courses. Are they available?

A:Yes, beginner level courses are available for both adults and children. These courses begin with Arabic alphabet and vocabulary, and gradually cover other aspects such as grammar, phrases, expressions, and sentence structure. Students learn to pronounce words and read short sentences as well. Online programs in Arabic make use of interactive multimedia, videos, and softwares for effective learning.

Q:My search on learning Arabic online led to the mention of graduate program in the field. Can you tell me more about it?

A:A graduate program in Arabic will focus on the literature, culture and history of the Arabic language. Students will be provided with the reading and listening material enabling them to recognize different dialects. Along with this, they will be reviewing the contemporary Arab society and politics. Research projects are assigned regularly. These enhance the academic writing skills of the participants allowing them to produce scholarly papers.

Q:I would like to know about the coursework and curriculum of an Arabic degree online. Can you tell me?

A:The coursework in an Arabic degree will comprise of subjects such as the following: Arabic cuisine, Arabic literature, Arabic culture, and education. The main focus of this degree is to help students learn about the Arabic world and acquire fluency in the language. Those who want to earn this degree online can do so through many accredited schools.

Q:Can I easily find classes for Arabic language degree?

A:Many institutes offer different language courses, diplomas and degree programs. You can find Arabic language degree at beginner's level that start from the basics like grammar and proper pronunciation to master's level degrees. Along with on campus classes you can also check online institutes that may be more convenient for some.

Q:I am considering the art of learning Arabic language. Will this have any professional scope?

A:Foreign language skills and qualifications have a lot of professional scope nowadays. The culture is becoming extremely diverse and mixed. Many agencies need professionals who are well versed in a foreign language for communication purposes. You can look forward to a career in government agencies as well as private agencies.

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