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Thinking about France is sure to conjure up images of the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, strolling down the Champs-Elysees, roadside cafes and much more, all set to the background of the French language. Whether you are planning a visit to the country and wish to be versed in the language, or require knowledge of it for your job, or simply wish to learn French for personal fulfillment, you will find plenty of French language programs offered by various institutes.
There are lots of free resources available on the Internet for those who wish to study at their own pace and according to their own syllabus. For those looking for a structured program and yet not having the time to attend classes in a traditional setting, finding French lessons online may be the best option.

French Language Programs
Many colleges and universities offer programs teaching the French language at a number of different levels. These include diploma and certificate programs as well as French languages degrees at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Some also choose to study French lessons online. Online courses and lessons have the advantage of being cheaper and more flexible. These are especially useful for those who cannot take time out of their professional commitments to attend classes.
A French degree at the Bachelor’s level teaches students about the French language to an extent that students can speak and write fluently. Some undergraduate programs also offer student exchange options so students have the opportunity to live with native French speakers and learn even more. A Master’s degree in French provides more in-depth knowledge of French culture, history, art, language and literature.
Online French Courses
While Bachelor and Master level French degrees are not usually available online, many colleges and universities do offer French classes online. French courses are available at a range of levels including classes for beginners to those for advanced students. Some classes cover the French language, culture, literature and more. An online French course teaches students French grammar and vocabulary. Audio files are often used to teach students how to pronounce words correctly. French comprehension, writing and phonetics are also taught. There are many free resources available to choose from as well. If you do not require a formalized French lesson, then locating free options online which teach the intricacies of the French language including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation can be found.   
 French Speakers in the Job Market
Learning a new language, while hard work, holds the promise of being beneficial for you when searching for jobs. As the world economy becomes smaller and the markets become more and more integrated the importance of knowing a language other than English becomes more important. Learning a new language such as French also increases your memory and problem-solving abilities. By enrolling in and completing French lessons online, you could open up a number of career paths for yourself. These include a career as a French teacher or instructor. Translating and interpreting jobs are also available to those who are fluent in both English and French. Jobs in the travel and hospitality industry may also be an option for those having knowledge of French. Whether you are learning the language for a job or simply for the sake of it, the knowledge acquired will allow you to enjoy films, art, theater and music in French far more than you would have previously.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the job prospects if I take French Lessons Online?

A:Getting qualifications in French can open the doors to a wide range of job opportunities. A few have been mentioned below: bilingual call center representative, translator, representative for a multinational organization, technical writer, marketing manager for international projects, TV/Film coordinator, lecturer, tour guide, hospitality manger, flight attendant, international trade specialist, social worker, and more.

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