Master in Coaching

A Masters in Coaching is a unique program which helps students work on the skills they already have. It facilitates them to re-visit what they have learnt and encourages them to acquire new skills. It will enhance their credibility and will enable them to become a well-versed coach.

What Is a Degree in Coaching?

A good degree in coaching will allow you recall all the fundamentals of teaching, be it high school, college, or any other profession. This degree helps people get positive feedback, gain confidence and helps candidates to learn new tools. The culture and environment provided in this program is nurturing and empowering which motivates candidates to do their best.

What Can You Do with a Masters in Coaching?

Coaching is a broad discipline and it will allow you to work in different settings. Once you decide to get a Master’s degree in coaching, you have to decide your area of interest. Some candidates receive these degrees and become wellness or life coaches, while others may choose teaching, nutrition or sports.

  1. Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers are professionals who prevent, diagnose and treat any bone or muscle injury or illness. They use different injury preventive devices to treat on-spot injuries. They work with people of different age groups and skill level. Athletic trainers are usually the first people on the scene whenever an injury occurs on field. They work along with a supervised licensed physician and a team of healthcare providers. Their responsibilities may also include meetings with any athletic director or administrative officer to discuss policy implementation, budgets, purchasing or any business-related issue.

  • Annual Median Salary, 2019: $48,440
  • Annual Mean Salary (2019): $50,540
  • Job Growth, 2018-2028: 19%
  • State with the Highest Salary, 2019: District of Columbia- $68,400
  • State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019: Texas - 2,430
  1. Coaches and Scouts

Coaches and Scouts teach professionals and amateurs the skills they need to excel at their sport. They look for fresh players, evaluate their skills and chances of success at school, amateur or professional level. Coaches are required to teach the fundamental skills of both team and individual sports. They are also required to instill sportsmanship in their players.

  • Annual Median Salary, 2019: $34,840
  • Annual Mean Salary, 2019: $44,910
  • Job Growth, 2018-2028: 11%
  • State with the Highest Salary, 2019: District of Columbia- $72,300
  • State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019: California – 26,340
  1. Postsecondary Education Teacher

Postsecondary teachers teach and help a wide variety of students beyond high school level. They teach a broad range of subjects including academic and technical subjects. Most of them have specialized in a certain field like history, math, education or business. These professionals teach courses related to the field of education and focus on counseling, guidance and curriculum.

  • Annual Median Salary, 2019: $65,510
  • Annual Mean Salary, 2019: $74,560
  • Job Growth, 2018-2028: 11% (Faster than most professions)
  • State with the Highest Salary, 2019: Alaska- $106,280
  • State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019: New York – 6,210

Note: These figures have been obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What to Expect with a Masters in coaching?

A Master’s degree in coaching is one of the most diverse fields one can choose. Being a broad discipline, this degree allows you to choose the work setting of your own choice. A Master’s degree in coaching will basically help you enhance your knowledge. It will polish your teaching skills and refine the craft that your already have. This degree will provide you with some tips and techniques which are extremely useful.

How to Choose a Masters in Coaching program?

While choosing a Master’s program you should take the following things into account

  • Choose an accredited school
  • Consider the availability of the specialization you desire
  • Think about whether it is an online or campus-based program
  • Time and money required to complete the program

Masters in Coaching Admission Requirements

Most schools do not have any specific major requirement for this program. However, some prefer experience in subjects like sports psychology, kinesiology and nutrition while others may want applicants to submit their GRE score. Applicants can choose subjects of their own choice. Some schools offer practicum or internships so that students can gain first-hand experience before they enter the workforce. Best coaching degrees use a broad range of methods to teach students including outdoor visits and practical examination, etc.

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