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If you are interested in the workings of the mind as well as how and why individuals think or behave a certain way, then a degree in psychology may be perfect for you. The scientific study of the mind and its processes falls into the realm of psychology. It involves the study of behaviors and the thought processing behind it. Psychology is a vast field which has a wide range of subdivisions including counseling, abnormal psychology, child psychology, health psychology and social psychology

Program Structure and Coursework

An Associate of psychology degree which is two years in duration can be a stepping stone towards gaining a Bachelor degree in the field later. It focuses on basic psychology principles and procedures. Students are taught about mental illnesses, development psychology, cognitive psychology and mathematics. Other courses taught include social psychology and behavioral sciences, among other subjects. An Associate degree in psychology teaches students to understand how the mind works and the reasons and ways individuals act in different situations.
Explore the many entry-level job positions by equipping yourself with an associate in psychology.
what can you do with an associates degree in psychology?

Careers in Psychology

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In order to make a career as a psychologist, it is necessary to earn a graduate degree in the field. An Associate of psychology degree can be the foundation for higher education. A degree in psychology can open up careers in areas such as research, counseling, teaching and diagnosing. Those who gain a graduate degree can earn on average between 32,000 and 92,000 US dollars. An Associate of psychology degree can also open up careers in sales.

How long does it take to get an associate degree in psychology?

Typically, it takes two years to get an associate's degree in psychology. However, this only applies if you are a full-time student. As a part-time student, it may take three to five years to complete it. After an associate's degree, you may be able to get a bachelor's degree in psychology in two more years rather than the traditional four.

What are the requirements to get an associate degree in psychology?

To apply for an associate program in psychology, you will need a high school diploma or GED. After admission, there are some course requirements you will have to take to graduate. These can be divided roughly into three parts. Firstly, you must complete your core requirements and your psychology elective requirements. You must also complete some general education requirements. You are required to finish 60 credit hours in total to graduate, in case of most psychology associate’s programs.

How much can I make with an associate degree in psychology?

To become a psychologist, you will likely need a doctoral degree. However, if you want to pursue a less expensive and less time-consuming option, an associate's degree will allow you to enter the field faster. One of the jobs you can apply for after an associate's degree is that of a psychiatric technician or aide. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for this occupation as of May 2018 was $30,860 per year and $14.84 per hour.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you provide me with a list of jobs for people with an associate psychology degree?

A:The associate level degree in psychology can enable you to capitalize on entry level positions in this field of Psychology. You can work in a variety of areas in an organization that may include: marketing, management and human resource services. Besides, you can pursue a career at a special education school or get yourself involved in social work services as well. Also, if you wish to acquire an advanced level degree in psychology then the associate degree can serve as a main foundation for earning these degrees.

Q:Going through search on Associate in Psychology I got to know about Human Sexuality course, can you tell me more?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search such a Associate in Psychology. Human Sexuality course is included in almost all programs related to Psychology. In this course the students study about psychosocial perspectives of human sexuality.

Q:What can you do with an associates degree in psychology?

A:A number of jobs are available with an associate degree in psychology. Most entry level jobs require at least a bachelor's degree. However, you can use an associate degree as a stepping stone towards earning a higher qualification. It is considered a solid background to build up an advance study path on. One possible job with an associate degree is a psychiatric technician position in a hospital setting or clinic.

Q:What jobs you can get with an associates degree in psychology?

A:An associate's degree in psychology can lead to entry-level job positions. Many people with degree work as assistants, volunteers or interns in various work settings. Other jobs you can pursue are: working as orderlies, patient care technicians, working at residential treatment centers for kids and young adults, behavioral specialists, crisis hotline operators and psych techs at state mental hospitals.

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